A New Entry in the Kagura Series!—Kagura Genesis: Kuon’s Story releases this January 26th

Kagura Genesis: Kuon's Story releases internationally this January 26th!

Some Furry Action!—Pretty Overseer hits Steam!

After a successful Kickstarter that saw Flaming Firefly raise over €7,000 for Pretty Overseer, the game has finally seen a release on Steam. Alongside the normal game, there is also…

Conquering the Final Boss—My Intimate Love With The Devil King Arrives Overseas!

My Intimate Love With The Devil King has seen an international release on Steam! The game was released in over 10 different languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, and Spanish on…

My Douchey Boss Has a Gentle Twin Brother?! Released For Free!

If anyone wants to find a good way to kill some time during the holidays; ChaniMK has you covered! They have released a new boy love title for completely free…

After 22 years, CRAFTWORK will be unveiling its newest title internationally: Geminism

CRAFTWORK after a few years of absence from the visual novel scene will be releasing its newest eroge in over 22 years, the title will be called Geminism.

even if TEMPEST Fan Disc Premieres Internationally

even if TEMPEST was one of the bigger otome releases of 2022, making its original debut for the Nintendo Switch. The game garnered a dedicated fanbase rather quickly, especially for…

A Long-awaited Otomege! — Hana Awase – New Moon Releases on Both Console and PC

Please take this opportunity to try out the downloadable versions!

Higurashi When They Cry Hou + comes over to the West!

MangaGamer has officially decided to release the latest entry of the Higurashi series with Hou+. The game is set to be released on Steam and the official MangaGamer website on…

The Final Entry is Here! — Nightmare x Vampire OUT NOW!

A demon hunter and two exorcists on all kinds of action: the final entry is here!

BUNNY BOND is now released on Itch and Steam!

The (spicy) boys are finally here!