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The Authorities are in Love!?—Metro PD: Close To You by Voltage Released for Switch and PC!

Last November 30th Voltage Inc., known for their numerous otome games for mobile devices and their recent title even if TEMPEST, released Metro PD: Close to You for the Nintendo Switch and on Steam! Metro PD currently retails for S29.99 on both digital storefronts.

Voltage Inc. is a Japanese developer that primarily publishes interactive story apps for iOS and Android devices. The first visual novel they released was Diary of a Step-Sister in 2009. Since then, they’ve been putting up multiple otome titles yearly. With the 2019 port of the Enchanted in the Moonlight series onto the Nintendo Switch, Voltage has opened up most of their newer games for multiple platforms. Notably, even if TEMPEST is their first title simultaneously released in both Japanese and English.

Metro PD: Close to You, titled Tokubetsu Sousa ★ Micchaku 24-ji in the Japanese release, is their latest iOS/Android title to be ported to both the Switch and PC. The port features the original scenario written by Yagi Shizuka, known for writing otome games with hard-boiled characters such as Her Love in the Force, Dangerous Seduction, and Romance MD: Always on Call. It includes the main stories featured in Love 365: Find Your Story and includes a new adventure feature for Steam.

Metro PD: Close to You is available now in English and Japanese. The visual novel can be purchased digitally from the Nintendo Store or Steam for $29.99 USD. For more information on Voltage Inc.’s other series, follow their Twitter or refer to their official websites (Mobile | Switch/PC).


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“You’re my partner as of today.”

You’re a rookie detective. Your training?
Trial by fire, solving a dangerous case together!

Get yourselves out of tight binds
and discover an even stronger bond with each other.

Will you catch the real culprit?
And will your case come to a romantic conclusion?

A lethal love where you watch each other’s backs.
What will come of your dangerous and thrilling romance?!

Whether on the job or in love,
there’s never a dull moment!

Nintendo Store

Key Features

  • Includes Main Stories from the app Love 365: Find Your Story up until “24 Hours and Counting.” This is with the exception of Nomura’s; His PoV Stories are counted as Special Stories and thus not included)
  • A new opening movie for the Steam release
  • An adventure feature has been added for the Steam release for players to enjoy Metro PD in a new way


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