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FuwaRecap — 19/11/2023

Hello, dear readers! Fujo here~

This is a new kind of post I decided to have here on the website. Basically, it’s a recap of past week’s articles (may contain added commentary!) for people who can’t keep up with everything.

‘Last week’ will cover from last Monday (the 13th) to yesterday (the 18th)—just so we’re all on the same page. Glancing over, we… have a lot to cover! We posted exactly 20 articles; no wonder we’re reaching the 50+ count these past two months.

Monday (Nov. 13)

Tuesday (Nov. 14)

Wednesday (Nov. 15)

Thursday (Nov. 16)

Friday (Nov. 17)

Saturday (Nov. 18)

Sunday (Nov. 19)

And this was it for this week! You can also find this on my blog.
See you next week—I’ll post every Monday, from here on out! Our Patreon supporters will get these earlier on Sunday, so make sure to support us too!

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Weird little gremlin who likes all the fucked up stuff; if a story doesn't leave you in shambles, what's even the point? Functional fujoshi, at your service.

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    November 22, 2023 at 6:13 am

    This is very helpful! I don’t often have the time to follow all the news every day, especially with how much news the twitter account tweets/retweets, so having a retrospective every week or two would be great!

    Is there a way I could get this in an email? I do have an RSS Reader but I don’t always open it compared to my emails…

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