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Review: My Klutzy Cupid — A Death Note… of Love?!

My Klutzy Cupid is a moege by Hulotte that originally released on October 25th, 2021. Two years, on July 7th, 2023, NekoNyan blessed moege fans with the English release.
You can get it on JAST USA, MangaGamer and Steam.

In the midst of leading an ordinary life, I began to feel the urge to find myself a girlfriend. Yet somehow, I couldn’t bring myself to take the first step. But one day…

“What’s this…?”

A single notebook had fallen right in front of me.

“Hey, you! Yes, you! Why aren’t you picking it up?”

Before my eyes appeared a strange young woman. Seemingly human, yet seemingly not.

“I’m an angel of love! Tell me, is there someone that you have a crush on?”

She couldn’t sound more sketchy if she tried.

When I decided to ignore her, the girl thrust the notebook angrily toward me.

“This is the Love Note, you know. The Love Note! With this, you’re sure to find romance with any girl you like!”

Apparently, by writing the name of the person you’re interested in, the notebook will tell you your current level of “fatedness” with said person, as well as what to do in order to raise it.

“What’s more, I’ll lend you my assistance too!”


If the owner of the Love Note is unable to find the bride of his dreams within 90 days, he will be rendered impotent. Forevermore.

“So there you have it. Do your best, ‘kay?”

And so, with the help of this angel of love, I began putting this so-called Love Note to use in order to fulfill my romantic endeavors.

Eil is a carefree, lively, naive girl.
As previously mentioned, Eil is Tsumugu’s cupid, hence she helps him on his journey to find a fitting bride. Since she apparently can’t sleep anywhere else, she convinced Tsumugu to move into his room, partly as an excuse to read through his manga collection all day.

Shortly after Eil decided to transfer to Tsumugu’s school, she also started working at the same café as him. As you can imagine, all of these things make Eil one of the best potential future girlfriends for Tsumugu. But will it work out? Will their love prevail? Can you simply fall in love with a cupid—an angel of love?

Hulotte does a good job at concluding all routes, Eil’s route especially so, since she is the least generic character out of the game. They make her story the whole outline. She also shows the most overall emotions in all of the routes, and that is something you should definitely experience for yourself!

Her route offers a nice mix of slice of life wholesomeness with decent H-scenes.

Kururu is an insightful character, almost like a second Sherlock Holmes. After finding out about Tsumugu’s situation, he asks her to help him. This makes her sad since she thinks that it shows that he isn’t interested in her romantically.

She instead suggests “temporary dating” so they can both practice the things they are still unfamiliar with. She soon realizes that the whole “temporary relationship” thing is just an excuse she used to spend time with Tsumugu, and they slowly grow closer, eventually realizing their mutual feelings.

I would say Kururu is generally cute, so it’s unfortunate how there is no character depth. She is mostly blunt and her H-scenes are boring and poorly drawn. There was one exception, though: in one of the H-scenes, she wears a demon outfit, which makes her 100% cuter! This made me realize that another outfit for Kururu would probably change my general perception of her. However, it’s still not enough for me to overlook the lack of an interesting plot.

This is the local school femboy, and therefore his “route” has no romantic ending. This is a short “the MC gets nobody” route; for short, it’s a Game Over scenario. But they both agree on being soulmates at the end, which emphasizes their friendship.

Rinka is probably my favorite heroine of the game. She is every weeb’s dream girlfriend: not only is she extremely hot, smart and has huuuge babonkers, she is also a famous VTuber who streams gaming content. Nobody knows “Karin’s” (her VTuber handle) identity, but Tsumugu himself is a big fan of Karin, as she helped him through a difficult time at the hospital when he could do nothing but lay in bed all day. She gave him happiness and strength during these difficult times.

She attends the same class as Tsumugu. One day, he watched her trying her best at a claw machine. Since she isn’t as good, she ends up wasting a lot of money. Tsumugu decides to walk up to her and give her crane game tips. With these tips she is able to get what she wanted, a bear she baptizes “Kumatan.”

One thing led to another and Tsumugu finds out about Karin’s true identity. Together with Masora and Eil he confronts Rinka about her identity and opposite to Rinka’s worst expectations of being blackmailed, they just want to be friends.

After confessing his love to Rinka, he notices a very serious issue: her parents are very strict and her father wouldn’t want someone unintelligent to date his daughter. Because of this, Tsumugu tries to convince Rinka’s father to accept him if he would rank in the top leaderboard of the countries students. Will he be able to do it?

The pace from the start of the relationship to the H-scenes is extremely fast, which makes it feel way too unreal and forced. I wish they would have just removed the first H-scene, continued as usual, and made the second H-scene the first one to appear.
Still, these are very satisfying , and I definitely recommend not missing out on her route!

Isuzu is your typical childhood friend— an honest but jealous girl. Since they spent a lot of time together, she is a very easy choice from the beginning.
In the past, Tsumugu was part of the school’s track club, where they trained together and had a deep friendship. Others call Isuzu the “goddess of the track club.”

Sadly one day everything changed. Tsumugu injured himself during training and had to leave the track club. Since then, their relationship drifted apart due to not having a common interest anymore. Both Tsumugu and Isuzu blame themselves for the injury. She started to develop trust issues and vowed to herself that she wouldn’t rely on anyone ever again, hence she is afraid of starting a relationship with Tsumugu. After his confession, she was impossibly happy but still in denial.

With the help of a certain someone, he realizes he has been slightly arrogant when it comes to Isuzu: he has only been trying to make her understand his own side but he didn’t try to look at the things from her perspective. He decides to rejoin the track club so they can train together again.

I found Isuzu’s route too uneventful to enjoy. I wish there was more to her route than just a reunion between two old friends.

Uta is Tsumugu’s little step-sister: a very jealous girl in every route. You can just tell she has a huge brother complex. Not only that, but Uta is a very pervy girl, so there will definitely be moments where you can see that in action.

Tsumugu obviously likes his sister back:

She is the girl I’m closest to, and the girl who means the most in the world to me.

She’s an amazing cook, she’s kind, and she’s someone who’s supported me for as long as I can remember.

She has a bit of a jealous streak, and can be kind of clumsy at time too… but that’s part of what makes her so cute.

I agree with Tsumugu: for me, Uta is a well-made heroine, and her “jealous” streaks just shows me how much she is in love with her Onii-chan. These points don’t make her character annoying, but emphasizes her feelings that much more.
I enjoyed the route a lot and recommend it to every siscon out there—the ending really touches the soul.

Minekoshi Kotohina is the homeroom teacher. As they grow closer and their “fatedness” increases, Tsumugu notices that something is holding her back.
She is being held back by not wanting to become happy when her best friend lies in hospital. Despite that, Tsumugu finds a way to reach her heart.

Even though Minekoshi-Sensei has a very blunt and stereotypical personality the route is good enough to be satisfying.

For moege fans, this title is definitely worth trying out. Its UI is modernized, the sprites look clean and the voice acting is really pleasant to listen to. Besides, it offers a super cute cast, decent H-scenes, good soundtrack and a good overall pacing.

One issue I have with this VN, though, is the pacing of the H-scenes. The relationship escalates way too quickly and early into the story, and that makes the relationship’s pacing feel way too unrealistic.

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