ONE. Remake release by Novamicus & Shiravune OUT NOW!

ONE., the long-awaited remake of Tactics' highly influential romance visual novel, is now out on PC and Nintendo Switch!

Witch on the Holy Night Released on Steam!

The fully voiced 1080p remaster of Witch on the Holy Night has now released on Steam for 39.99 USD!

STOP BURYING ME ALIVE, BEAUTIFUL! by Angela He now available

You woke up as you were being buried alive. The choice is yours—do you try and convince them to stop, or do you live a new life underground?

Review: Cooking Companions—Of Partaking in Life

Cooking Companions, a cute VN about cooking in a cabin in the mountains for your friends! What dishes are you going to make for them?

Steam Next Fest store page
Spooky October Month Comes With Latest Steam Next Fest

From October 9th 2023 to October 16th 2023, starting at 10:00 AM PT, Valve is holding the latest Steam Next Fest on their major video game distribution platform Steam. Steam…

Review: WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow—The Struggles of Loneliness

Disclaimer: As part of Steam's Curator Connect program, the reviewer received a steam code from the developer for the purpose of writing a review for the game. Back in 2019,…

WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow is out NOW!

Today, Shiravune — publisher of Utawarerumono series and the PRIMAL HEARTS series — released the AQUAPLUS classic WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow. Announced last June, the game is a…

Tsukihime PC Port Possible?

According to an article published in Type-Moon Ace Volume 15, Tsukihime Remake may be receiving an official PC release. Despite the presence of the PC sticker on the magazine, there’s…

Shinzou Translations Releases a new Translation: The Invisible Star

The fan translation group Shinzou Translations released another doujin title The Invisible Star on their website. The group translated this game from Japanese into English and Spanish.

The Crimson Flower That Divides: Lunar Coupling Released for PC!

On June 7, 2023, The Crimson Flower That Divides: Lunar Coupling (also known as Koezaru wa Akai Hana ~Tai no Tsuki~) was released for PC! A game that originally came…