Tsukihime PC Port Possible?

According to an article published in Type-Moon Ace Volume 15, Tsukihime Remake may be receiving an official PC release. Despite the presence of the PC sticker on the magazine, there’s…

New Visual Novel by Winged Cloud—Sakura Bunny Girls

Winged Cloud released their latest visual novel Sakura Bunny Girls today July 24, 2023. The story follows the main lead Yori, a professional security guard who is available to anyone…

Anime Review: Prima Doll—Key Always Delivers!

Prima Doll is Key's latest multimedia project. Let's talk about it!

Shiravune Announces Nukitashi 2’s Localization

On June 23rd, Shiravune announced the translation for the sequel to NUKITASHI, NUKITASHI 2. Nukitashi 2 will still be a pc release only.

Why Boku To Joi is a perfect intro to contemporary nukige

Boku to Joi no Shinsatsu Nisshi, or the way less fantastic and cringe English name The medical examination diary: the exciting days of me and my senpai, is an nukige…