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New Visual Novel by Winged Cloud—Sakura Bunny Girls

Winged Cloud released their latest visual novel Sakura Bunny Girls today July 24, 2023. The story follows the main lead Yori, a professional security guard who is available to anyone if the the price is right. During one job when he is paid to protect a briefcase, he encounters a beautiful woman wearing a Bunny suit. So who is this Bunny Girl and what does she want with said briefcase?


Yori is a man on a mission. He’s a professional security guard who’ll take on any job if the price is right, and he’s been involved in any number of top secret operations with high stakes and large financial rewards.

During one particular job, however, Yori receives quite the shock. While protecting an important, high classified briefcase whose contents are a mystery, Yori is accosted by a thief – and this thief is no ordinary criminal.

This thief is, instead, a beautiful young woman. She has a curvy body, a pretty face, long, silky hair…

And she’s wearing a bunny suit?!

That’s pretty crazy – but what’s even crazier is her ability to stop bullets with her bare hands, her superhuman speed, and her augmented strength.

Just who is this bunny girl, and what does she want with this briefcase?

Yori is uncertain – but one thing is for sure. His life is about to be turned upside-down.

Steam Description

According to Winged Cloud, “An action visual novel with a splash of fanservice about a security guard who gets entangled with three mysterious, attractive, seductive bunny girls who just so happen to have superhuman powers.” This is their third release this year alongside Leveling Up Girls in Another World and Sakura Succubus 7. Sakura Bunny Girls is available both on Windows and Linux.


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You can purchase Sakura Bunny Girls today on Epic games or Steam.


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