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Mystery VN Mandemon Releases on August 1st

Chinese solo developer Zhiyi will be releasing a new mystery game, Mandemon, on August 1st. The game will be available on Steam for $2.99 (regional pricing may vary) with Japanese voice acting and text, as well as English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese text.

The visual novel is set in a fictitious Japan and takes the player through a multiple route mystery. In order to discover the whole truth, the player must find clues in each route and put them together. One of the game’s notable features is that it makes use of Live2D animated character sprites.

This, and the other titles by this developer are available at a great bargain!

"Kisaragi...had transformed into Mandemon."
The girl said to me.

Her slender fingers caressed the piano keys, playing a haunting tune.
The misty rain outside the window mirrored her sad expression.
Mandemon?.. I pondered this enigmatic word.
Had Mr. Kisaragi lost his humanity? Was he killed for being something else?
The raindrops kept falling on the window, creating a mournful sound.
The pale moonlight penetrated through the rain mist, casting ethereal shadows in the hallway.

Something strange was going to happen here tonight.
I had to be ready —



You can wishlist the game right now on Steam.


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