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Witch on the Holy Night Released on Steam!

This article is just for the release, you can find more detailed information in our earlier post.

Wow, the perfect visual novel for December! TYPE-MOON’s highly acclaimed visual novel, Witch on the Holy Night (also known as Mahoutsukai no Yoru or Mahoyo), is now out on Steam in English, Japanese, and Chinese! This is the first major Nasuverse visual novel to receive an official Steam release.

Originally an unpublished novel from 1996, TYPE-MOON remade it into a visual novel and released it for PC in 2012. Praised for its strong story, endearing characters, and phenomenal production values, Witch on the Holy Night has long-since maintained a strong reputation in the visual novel community. On December 8, 2022, TYPE-MOON released a fully voiced 1080p remaster of the game for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The console release also marked the first official English localization for a Nasuverse visual novel! After a year, we finally see the full HD remaster of the game released on Steam as well!

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Back in 2021, they also announced an anime movie adaptation by Ufotable. No news on it has been provided since its initial announcement.

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TYPE-MOON will release an official English localization of Tsukihime ~A Piece of Blue Glass Moon~ for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 next summer. It may potentially follow the same path as Witch on the Holy Night and later see a Steam release too.

Witch on the Holy Night is a fantasy visual novel written by Kinoko Nasu and published by TYPE-MOON. The story follows a trio of characters in Misaki Town in the 1980s: a pair of young witches named Aoko and Alice as well as an innocent young man named Soujurou. When Soujurou moves from the mountains to Misaki Town and the witches encounter mysterious assailants, the trio’s lives intertwine. The game shares concepts and settings present in Nasu’s other works, such as Fate/stay night and Tsukihime. It is now available in English on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for $39.99.

In the mansion on the hill, there lived  two witches...  It is the late 1980s--the twilight of an era of beauty and vigor.  A boy moves to the city, barely missing two witches living in modern times.  The boy leads a completely ordinary life. She carries  herself with gallant pride. The girl lives a sleepy, hidden life.  Each walks a starlit path.
One would never expect their paths to cross.  The story of how these three disparate people came together is soon to be told.


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