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Shinzou Translations Releases a new Translation: The Invisible Star

On July 9th 2023, the fan translation group Shinzou Translations released another doujin title The Invisible Star on their website. The group translated this game from Japanese into English and Spanish. The original game as well as the patch are free.

This game was released by doujin group D10RAMA on June 11th 2022 as a free doujin title on Freem, a Japanese platform designed for all kinds of free games. The original title is Mienai Nitousei (roughly translated to: The Second Magnitude Star that can’t be seen). Due to the literal title being unwieldy, Shinzou Translations went with the simplified title “The Invisible Star”. It is a kinetic novel with a length of 1 to 2 hours.

According to their website, this is Shinzou Translations’ fourth project. Earlier projects include the translation of Kosaka-san. Remaster (the original was translated by mdz), Hikage no Himari – sun in the shade and Fukyou no Hana – Snow Flower into English and Spanish.

The developer also plans to create an official translation of one of their older titles Ame ni Shite, Hito o Hazure.

Hokuto, a first-year high school student, had nothing to do until now. He joined the light music club with his childhood friend Minami.

‘While I was struggling because I couldn’t play the guitar, I met Takamura, an old man who was observing the stars.”

Takamura is looking for a certain star.

Shinzou Translations
  • Almost every character is voice acted
  • 10 chapters with chapter selection menu
  • 9 music tracks
  • 1-2 hours of play time
  • 12 CGs and OP/ED movie


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