Shinzou Translations releases Rinkaiten no Azrael English Patch

Rinkaiten no Azrael, a freeware visual novel from →Quantize_, has received an English patch from fantl group Shinzou Translations.

Shinzou Translations releases Fan Translation of Quantize’s Rabbit Heart

After Alexeir already teased it on our server, Shinzou Translations has released another game by doujin circle ->Quantize_ with an English and Spanish translation. This game is Rabbit Heart and…

Shinzou Translations brings The Saddest Smile in the World to English!

On September 16th 2023, Spanish-led translation group Shinzou Translations released their latest project, Sekai de Ichiban Kanashii Egao (The Saddest Smile in the World.) This visual novel is →Quantize_‘s debut…

Review: The Invisible Star — A Map of the Stars

The search for a special star...

Shinzou Translations Releases a new Translation: The Invisible Star

The fan translation group Shinzou Translations released another doujin title The Invisible Star on their website. The group translated this game from Japanese into English and Spanish.