Shinzou Translations releases Rinkaiten no Azrael English Patch

Rinkaiten no Azrael, a freeware visual novel from →Quantize_, has received an English patch from fantl group Shinzou Translations.

Aksys Games’ Shuuen no Virche -ErroR:salvation- Releases TODAY!

Aksys Games' English release of otome game Shuuen no Virche -ErroR:salvation- arrives in international stores this November 9th!

Review: Sugar Sweet Temptation

Bake your way to these girls' hearts in this heartwarming story of romance and dreams!

To Grant a Wish’s Kickstarter launched!

On November 1, Wizard Ras Studios launched the Kickstarter for their latest title To Grant a Wish with a goal of $6100.

The Fox Awaits Me HANA released for the Nintendo Switch

Last November 2, COSEN released The Fox Awaits Me HANA in multiple languages (including English) for the Nintendo Switch.

Frontwing Releases Latest Konno Asta Visual Novel GINKA

Frontwing, a Japanese publishing company best known for releasing the Grisaia series, releases today their new visual novel, GINKA. You can get it on Steam. First announced back in September…

JAST released GEARS of DRAGOON: Fragments of a New Era on JAST & Steam

GEARS of DRAGOON 2, ninetails' 10th anniversary dungeon crawler RPG, arrives on two storefronts this coming September 28!

Capture the Samurai’s Heart — Dateless Love out now!

Explore the Bakumatsu Era of the Edo Period and find your samurai love!

Sunlight Scream: University Massacre now on Steam

Join Max as he tries to uncover the mystery behind the murders happening in his childhood town, Sunlight City.

Garden of Seif by Foxdrift Studios Released

A new otomege about an assassin and her story of revenge. What kind of ending will you give her?