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Sweet Release! Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber: Remastered: Deluxe Edition now available!

Today, January 12th, JAST USA is finally releasing their long-awaited remaster of Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber! Now fully-voiced and in HD, fans both old and new can experience the notorious visual novel in all of its golden glory.

Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber is a visual novel released by Guilty in August 2000. Guilty is one of the many imprints of WillPlus; it specializes in short to medium-length nukiges that covers a wide range of sexual themes. One of its earliest works is the Shiyou series, where Water Closet is the second and latest installment.

Procured by JAST USA for an English release under their subsidiary Peach Princess, Water Closet was first made available to international audiences back in 2001. Last year, JAST USA announced the 2023 release of the original‘s remaster through their Twitter account. Although a bit delayed, JAST USA intends to finally make good on their promise today.

The visual novel has built a unique reputation within JAST USA and its customers. The company itself calls Water Closet their worst work, poking fun at it through funny descriptions and promotional material. To quote JAST USA’s description of the visual novel’s remaster:

Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber is known as the worst eroge ever made. Famously, it received a perfect -50 score on SomethingAwful back in the day. And so, years later, we’ve come to say… you’re right. It’s terrible. It’s so incredibly bad it’s hard to believe it ended up translated. And we’re bringing that experience to you, with high-definition crystal clear graphics optimized for your 1440p 360Hz gaming setup. You’re welcome.


Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber: Remastered: Deluxe Edition is now available to purchase from the JAST USA store. Priced at $49.99, the visual novel is currently at a 95% discount, bringing its cost down to $2.49. Buy it now while it’s still at a steep discount!


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Play as five women on five different routes, all joined by one common factor; they got potty problems.

Ikumi just can’t stop peeing when she gets nervous.

Julyne is a klutzy nurse working in a urology clinic.

Reika’s a model who just can’t seem to shit.

Setsuko is still figuring out how tampons work. She’s not as young as that makes her sound, just an extraordinarily late bloomer.

Shoko has too much time and a love of vegetables” is what we wrote about her the first time around.



Fully Voiced!
HD Graphics!
Compatibility with modern systems!
A total lack of anything that could be mistaken for quality!

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