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Capturing a Shinobi and Making Her Your Own! – Fallen Shinobi Releases in English!

On December 19th, the Taiwanese publisher Mango Party released an official English translation for Fallen Shinobi (Shinobi Otoshi). The game is a Live 2D SLG nukige developed by marron☆marron.

marron☆marron is an individual that primarily produces doujinshi and CG sets. Their works are popular enough to have received OVA adaptations in the past. Examples of these include Gaki ni Modotte Yarinaoshi!!!, Rape Gouhouka!!!, and Muchi Muchi Kyousei Seichouchuu!!! Fallen Shinobi is their first official visual novel release.

Fallen Shinobi is available to buy on Steam and costs $14.99 USD! Happy training!


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It is an era of warring states.
By some good fortune, your side has managed to capture from the enemy
a girl called Ayame—hailed as the strongest shinobi in all of Japan.
Your chief then gives you an order.
“Train that shinobi dog Ayame so that she becomes our dog instead!”



Dynamic Lewdness
Ayame’s reactions will change according to how lewd you get!

Conveniently Looped Animations
You can leave many of the game’s animations to run on loop for those times when you want to have a hand spare.

Variable Animation Speed
The major animations have many different speeds they can be played at.
So whether you want to take things nice and slow, or thrust over and over like crazy, Fallen Shinobi has you covered.

Free-time System
After a hard day’s training, you’ll have free time at night to do what you want.
You can even choose to spend the night getting intimate with other girls if you so please!

Customizable Costumes!
Become friendly with the girls, and you’ll be able to customize their costumes!
The girls can also wear their costumes in the sex scenes too!

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