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Kudan no Folklore by SukeraSparo OUT NOW on Switch!

On December 21st, 2023, Kudan no Folklore released on the Nintendo Switch in Japanese, Chinese, and English! SukeraSparo, known for creating yuri visual novels such as The Expression Amrilato and Distant Memorajo, worked with PROTOTYPE on the port.

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Official Nintendo Switch Trailer

Kudan no Folklore, titled The Curse of Kudan in English, initially released in Japan for PCs on April 26, 2019. Since then, the visual novel has been ported onto mobile devices and has even received a remastered version in 2020. Notably, the remaster features an English and Chinese translation.

Kudan no Folklore is now available to purchase from the Nintendo Store for only $39.99. For more information on the release, you can take a look at the game’s official website. If you’re interested in SukeraSparo’s other works, you can follow them on Twitter.


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Gossips around town spoke of a Folklore (urban legend) called ‘Kudan’
It is said that ‘Kudan’ takes the form of a woman wearing Western mourning dress. She lacks a right wrist, and her face is hidden behind a black veil.
It is predicted that those who lay eyes on ‘Kudan’, within 7 days calamity will befall them.

Through strange coincidence, 16 years old Kudan Sakuya meets cooking class instructor Shima Touko.
—As they come in contact with each other, faint feelings grow between the two.
However, as Touko happened to come across the fearful ‘Kudan’, her peaceful everyday life came to an end. As each day passed, ‘Kudan’ kept creeping closer to her. Sakuya tries her best to protect her and attempts to find countermeasures.

At Kudan Girls High School, there’s a club that focused on studying folklore. Together with the Mystery Research Club president, Akinashi Koto, Sakuya will take on the unknown Folklore so as to protect her loved one.



Kudan Sakuya

”Might be nice to have a destiny I chose for myself.”

Kudan no Folklore Character 1

Birthday: August 24
Height: 172cm Measurements: B87・W59・H88 

A second-year student of Physical Education at Kudan Women’s Academy.

Sakuya is a scholarship student and star of the kendo club. Add to that stunning looks and a charming disposition, and you have yourself the most popular girl in school.

She’s bold and decisive, with a rigid moral compass that demands accountability, regardless of status. These personality traits can lead to her being seen as a fearsome figure, but she’s actually a very kind and caring person.

Sakuya has been best friends with Karen Azuma since elementary school, where they were on the baseball team together before she turned to kendo and Karen to softball.

Her two older sisters got her into nerdy interests such as manga, retro gaming, and niche novels. Her unruly hair stresses her out something awful.

Shima Touko

”These eggs with the golden yolks are just perfect for carbonara. They’ll give your sauce some real depth.”

Kudan no Folklore Character 2

Birthday: July 13
Height: 164cm Measurements: B82・W61・H84

A culinary arts teacher living in Kudan.

Descendant of a wealthy family that earned its fortune in forestry and shipbuilding, Touko runs a culinary school out of a fancy building near the station.
She’s sweet and gentle, but also sharp as a tack and quick to follow a line of thinking to its logical conclusion.

However, her proclivity for caution leads to indecisiveness, and she tends to keep her calculated judgments to herself.

She admires Sakuya’s ability to make quick decisions and take instant action, and the two become friends.

Although she hasn’t been acquainted with her personal assistant, Sawako Iwai, for too long, she hopes they can become friends one day, too.

Akinashi Koto

”Please, take a seat on the sofa. Can I get you a drink? We have tea and coffee.”

Kudan no Folklore Character 3

Birthday: December 1
Height: 144cm Measurements: B75・W54・H76

A first-year General Studies student at Kudan Women’s Academy.

Going by her fashionable style, you wouldn’t expect her to be into ghosts and urban legends, but Koto is a huge occult nerd and president of the Academy’s Occult Studies Club.

She actively investigates those mysteries that spark her interest and publishes the results in a magazine that combines objective analysis with personal opinion.

She strives to maintain the reputation of the organization; contrary to her looks, she’s actually the serious, intellectual type. She knows how to act with propriety, but once you really get to know her she’ll drop the polite act and speak casually.

She knew of Sakuya already–who at the academy doesn’t–but since they belong to different departments she never expected their paths to cross. However, after Sakuya rescues her from a certain incident, they become friends.

Her hobbies are watching horror movies and drawing. She also likes to make her own accessories.

Azuma Karen

”So, what, you’re trying to scare me? You do know my favorite movie genre is horror, right?”

Kudan no Folklore Character 4

Birthday: September 10
Height: 172cm Measurements: B85・W62・H91

A second-year Physical Education student at Kudan Women’s Academy.

Karen is on the softball team and attends the Academy on a scholarship program. While this covers her tuition and confers various other benefits, it’s all dependent on her results. Lively and boyishly good-looking, she doesn’t speak as roughly as Sakuya, but her general personality is more masculine. She has two younger brothers who are also into sports, which further encourages her not to worry too much about maintaining a ladylike manner or appearance. Still, she can turn on the charm when she has to.

Her hobbies include dining out at her favorite curry places and being a know-it-all when it comes to movies and video games.

Iwai Sawako

”I am in the employ of the Shima family and have been instructed to take care of the young lady.”

Kudan no Folklore Character 5

Birthday: January 21
Height: 168cm Measurements: B81・W60・H82

An assistant in the employ of the Shima family, Sawako is currently assigned as Touko’s PA and takes care of everything from her secretarial work to managing the family home.

She’s always cool, calm, and collected. A woman of few words, she says only what’s necessary and tends to keep her expression neutral; while she of course has emotions, they can be hard for other people to figure out.

She previously served the Shima family matriarch, Touka’s grandmother, but has now been asked to take care of Touka. Because of how well the family treats her, she is far more dedicated to Touka than she would be any other employer.

Her hobbies are classical music and obtaining professional qualifications. During her free time, she’s usually studying for various exams.

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