Otome Fans Rejoice!—Voltage Inc. Announces Three New Otome Titles!

Voltage Inc., known for their mobile otome games and even if TEMPEST, announced three new titles for the Nintendo Switch!

New COLOPL Report Unveils MAGES. has 5 Games in Production

As per COLOPL's Q4 financial report, MAGES. has 5 games in production and various projects planned for Steins;Gate's 15th anniversary.

KimiNozo Crowdfunding Campaign Launches October 21st

The previously announced Kimi ga Nozomu Eien crowdfunding campaign will formally launch on October 21st and last until December 31st. The campaign targets 30 million JPY (~$200,000) to release a…

Steins;Gate OST on Vinyl Now Up For Pre-Order

Change your future with these Vinyls!

Shiravune, now on new storefronts! (Compilation)

A new and exciting announcement!

An Umineko… Play?! — Stage of the Golden Witch, now in English!

Welcome one and all, to the delectable news that I can bring to any English-speaking 07th Expansion fan. The live-action Umineko: Stage of the golden witch, has been fantranslated! I’d…

Shinza Updates—Masada Takashi’s Roadmap, Pantheon Fall and Rise

Some Shinza Bansho updates for our readers!

Talk to Saya!—Procket & Nitroplus Released a Saya no Uta Application

Do you want to finally talk to Saya? You may be able to...

A new Path for Visual Arts? Chinese Mega Company Tencent Acquires Visual Arts

On July 27th, Takahiro Baba announced he will be retiring from the company and transferring all his shares to Tencent.

Tsukihime PC Port Possible?

According to an article published in Type-Moon Ace Volume 15, Tsukihime Remake may be receiving an official PC release. Despite the presence of the PC sticker on the magazine, there’s…