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New COLOPL Report Unveils MAGES. has 5 Games in Production

MAGES.’  parent company, COLOPL, has released their Q4 financial report. Most of the report delves into sales and profits in each section of their business. The company saw an overall year-on-year decline in both sales and profits. They notably had an operating loss of 500,000,000 JPY ($3.314.600) in their Investment & Development Business. COLOPL attributes these results to impairment losses.

The report also, however, details COLOPL and MAGES.’s upcoming plans. In particular, it notes that MAGES. has five upcoming games currently in production and that they have various plans in the works for STEINS;GATE’s 15th anniversary. MAGES. previously announced that Corpse Party II and Memories Off Sousou ~Not Always True~ will release in 2024. The three other titles remain unconfirmed as of now. 

MAGES. previously announced plans for releasing a new port of the original Mystereet as well as new ports and remakes of games in the Infinity series. It is unknown whether they will release those in 2024. In 2014, MAGES. announced Mystereet F: The Detectives’ Curtain Call, a bundle of the original Mystereet with a new sequel. The release underwent years of radio silence until recently. In 2021, Asada Makoto announced via interview that MAGES. would cease development on Mystereet F and instead only release a port of the original Mystereet to the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 for the time being. At the time of the interview, Asada confirmed that the port of the original game was already finished. Despite that, however, the port has yet to release. Moreover, the new MAGES. website has removed any mention of Mystereet as well, leaving its current development status nebulous.

The placement of B-Project and STEINS;GATE in the console game section of the COLOPL report may suggest that a second B-Project console game and a STEINS;GATE-related game could potentially release next year. Back in 2020, MAGES. announced both STEINS;GATE 0 Elite and STEINS;???, neither of which have released yet. After ANONYMOUS;CODE’s release last year, series producer Matsubara Tatsuya confirmed that they have various Science Adventure series projects (including STEINS;???) in the works but that they did not know the order in which they would release.

Noticeably, 2024 also marks the 15th anniversary for CHAOS;HEAD NoAH. COLOPL makes no reference to it and MAGES. themselves have not announced any plans for its anniversary. The future plans for the Science Adventure series remain yet to be seen.

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