Impasse Journey ~ Kaohsiung Chapter ~ released last week!

This is a story of hope as you search for a new life amidst the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world.

Good News for the Otome players! — Aksys Games announces 4 new titles

What are your expectations and personal wishlist?

Lucid9 is coming back, now with a Kickstarter!

With the successful conclusion of this campaign, the game is antecipated to be complete by the end of 2024

A Grotesque Vinyl — Pre-order The Song of Saya’s Soundtrack on Vinyl!

Three Vinyl variants to choose from, coming soon. Pre-order it today!

Being Gay in Space!—The Symbiant Re:Union out Today!

The fandisc will average 3 hours of playtime and full English voice over. You can buy it now on Steam for $13.49!

FuwaRecap — 19/11/2023

This is a new kind of post I decided to have here on the website. Basically, it's a recap of the past week's articles for people who can't keep up…

Demo Review: BRXKEN INSIDE—How Abuse Outlives Death

Back with another review! We're reviewing a demo full of toxic relationships, yuri, and... a dead sister.

Manage (and date?) a Boys’ Band! — Replay Boys now out

A Boys' Band Otomege? This one is for the K-pop fans!

A Maitetsu-based anime—Rail Romanesque 2nd Season Airing This Fall

Did you know there was a Maitetsu-based anime? Well, it got a 2nd season, check it out!