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Walking Among Youkai — Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi on Steam

After almost a full decade since its English release in Light Novel form (by Yen Press), Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi releases in its original Visual Novel form, brought to the West by Dramatic Create.

You can grab your copy on Steam or on the Nintendo Store ($50.13, for 10% off).

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Meet the Cast

Likes to take things at his own pace. He enjoys being lazy, but also has a curious side to him.
He descends from the mountain for the first time on the day of the winter festival…

A black fox that has been together with Yue since he was a child. He is a good friend, and a self-proclaimed big brother to Yue. Strong-willed and straightforward, he is an open book to those around him.

A second-year student at Utsuwa High School.
He lives together with his father and little sister. He has a rather mature personality for his age, and is a caring eldest son. Both he and Yue seem to remember something about each other…

A second-year student at Utsuwa High School, he is the son of the heir of a large land-owning family.
Due to his severe allergies he is always carrying a box of tissues under his arm.
He has a straightforward personality, for better or for worse. After having met Yue at the festival, he is trying to uncover his true identity.

A mysterious man who appears at twilight. Even though he’s always smiling, there’s something not quite right about him.
He acts as if he knows Yue.

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Weird little gremlin who likes all the fucked up stuff; if a story doesn't leave you in shambles, what's even the point? Functional fujoshi, at your service.

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