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Intertwined Bloodlines — Matsurika no Kei -kEi- Tenmeiin Iden by Otomate releases today

Otomate is back with another release, and this time we have Matsurika no Kei -kEi- Tenmeiin Iden releasing today. For the time being, this is a Japanese exclusive.

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Meet the Cast


A young girl living in the village of Matsurika.
She was born with “penetrating insight” to distinguish valuable gemstones from rough ones, and is entrusted with the responsibility of being a gem appraiser.

She is in charge of her family’s destiny, as jade is necessary for trade to obtain “fire,” which is indispensable for daily life. She is loved by the villagers for her honesty, kindness, and sense of responsibility.

(Translation taken from VNDB)


He is the son of Agedo, the chief of Matsurika village. He has a straightforward personality, is dependable, and very popular among the village girls.

He and the main character grew up together and can talk about anything, but he also has his mission as the son of the chief and the feelings that he keeps bottled up in his heart.

His beloved horse is Kalu, the older brother of the protagonist’s beloved horse, Naru.

He and Ruwo, a trader who comes once in March to trade in fireflies, do not see eye to eye.
(Translation taken from VNDB)


He is a merchant who travels and trades in various places.
For the past few years, he has been in charge of the fire trade, in which he delivers fire to the village of Matsurika and exchanges it for the gemstones that the main character has appraised.

He has a broad perspective due to his work and is a good conversationalist, so he easily gets along with people he meets for the first time, but he also has a suspicious air about him that makes it difficult to see his true intentions.

He is good at puppet shows with masks, and is always happy to perform in front of the girls of Matsurika Village, as he teaches them about the lore of various regions and the origins of the world in an easy-to-understand manner.
(Translation taken from VNDB)

Ko Seirin

Prince of the Moonlight Country.
He is the son of the current king and the next king.

He had a half-brother, but due to an unexpected separation, Seirin is the only male heir to the throne.

Raised at court to be a butterfly and a flower, he is a naive son in a cage.
He has a beautiful heart, a refined way of thinking about things, and is unquestioning of others.

He loves to spend time with birds, so he has a large cage-like birdhouse in the court, where he spends most of his time.

He learns martial arts and academics and the art of courtly behaviour from Enrai, the Prince Taifu, which he will need when he eventually becomes king.
(Translation taken from VNDB)

Ku Enrai

He is the current head of the Ku Clan, a prominent family in the Moonlight Country, and the Taifu (teacher) of Prince Seirin.

He is a man of both literary and military skills, and his quick thinking sometimes causes him to speak harshly when confronted with those who do not understand him, but he is also skilled at dealing with matters calmly.

While carrying the fate of the Ku Clan on his shoulders, he spends his days trying to become the Taifu of Prince Seirin, in order to have him become a respectable king.

Although he is slender and petite, he is a gluttonous eater to the surprise of everyone.
(Translation taken from VNDB)


He is the king of the White Wolf Tribe, living in a world confined by snow.

He is a man of few words, but he is decisive and respected by the pack he works with.

He calls wolves with his whistle and hunts with them.
In the harsh environment of the snowy mountains, food is not plentiful, but they live by sharing and helping each other.
They try not to hunt carelessly.
To fulfill a promise he made to a certain person, he descends the mountain after nineteen years.
(Translation taken from VNDB)

Game Editions

As always, there will be a regular and a special edition. You can get your copies on the Nintendo Store! The regular edition will be priced for ¥7.480 (approx. $49.66), while the special edition will be sold for ¥9.680 (approx. $64.26).

The special edition will feature a drama CD and a bonus booklet, as well as a different cover box.

Drama CD and bonus booklet

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