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The Cruel Spring Has Come—Living in Spring by Snow Ground now in English

On February 29th, ROUND ZERO, Inc. released Living in Spring by Snow Ground in English. Titled Haru ni Ikireba in Japan, the visual novel is the group’s debut title that originally released almost seven years ago. It will be ROUND ZERO’s first time publishing a game in English.


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“Cruel Spring” has come.
All human beings have had to keep moving forever.

If you stop, you become a ‘Sacrifice’ that will never move.
No one can overcome one’s fatigue. Then no one would be able to keep being human.
But the boy and the girl continue to walk through such a world together.

Each of them has a body that can move eternally, and a journey goes on forever.
It feels like a happy changeless, but the world asks about its eternity.

Let’s go on forever, and to anywhere.
Until two answers are gifted to the world…


Living in Spring is described by the developer as an ADV-style kinetic novel featuring one ending. The game features three main scenarios and an epilogue chapter which are estimated to amount to 2-3 hours of reading time. It is fully voiced in Japanese except for Kemel, the main character. For those that might be confused, there will be an explanation for the story from the developer at the end. This portion of the game, however, is only available to read in Japanese.

Living in Spring is available to buy now on Steam. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can buy the visual novel at a 20% discount for only $8.79.


  • The number of end: 1
  • Story: 3 Main Scenario + Epilogue
  • Voice: Full Voice in Japanese, without Kemel’s one
  • Event CG: 4 images (1 for each chapter)
  • CG display mode: available (in Extra mode)
  • Story explanation: Japanese Only (after completing epilogue)


A girl going on the eternal journey together.

A girl following the eternal journey together

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