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The Fuwanovel EVN List: February 2024 Releases

Welcome to Fuwanovel’s newest monthly blog post, the Fuwanovel EVN List! In this particular blog post, we aim to share with our readers a summary of EVNs that were released during the span of the past month. Note that these EVNs might include indie titles from other languages that were made available in English. If you’re a fan of reading English indie titles, then look out for the post every start of the month!

We managed to do it for two months in a row! That’s a good start. I hope by now you’ve noticed that the EVN List isn’t actually a comprehensive list of all EVNs that got released within the last month. If we did that, well, this would be longer than it already is. So as much as we’d like to actually do that, the list more or less is turning into something that reflects what we thought were pretty interesting titles. Hope we share the same opinion!

As a quick comment, this month had a lot of game jam visual novels that got released. Individually presenting them all would be a pretty tiring endeavor, so I made sure to at least note some interesting ones based on the synopsis or some other aspect of the visual novel. Let’s talk about it more at the end of the list.

Without further ado, here’s the list of EVN releases for February 2024!
Note: The article lists EVN releases by release date; please keep it in mind when to avoid confusion on the titles’ order!


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Developer: Wirion
Platform: Steam, Nintendo
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 1

People of the distant future have taken a rule: human lives are too precious to risk for the exploration of deep space. That’s why in the atmosphere of an alien unfriendly planet, beneath the wide crown of the space garden «Ailanthus», lives a race of artificial servants – Artifites.

A young Artifite – explorer, Ein, is tormented by a vague longing. He doesn’t know when the expedition began, and why it still can’t reach its goal. One thing he knows for sure is that since they’re stuck here for a while, he should find himself a girl. And he’s got just the right one in mind.

Frequent encounters in the wardroom, lunches together with the whole crew… the task seems a piece of cake. But there are three catches. First, the girl is as cold and unfriendly like cosmic ice. The second one, she’s obsessed with exploring abandoned alien ruins, hidden beneath the planet’s cloud cover. And the third one, the empty ruins have begun to respond to her.


inFINIte Robotics

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Developer: Ninhydro
Platform: Steam
Publication: Freeware
Released: February 1

Do you want to be an engineer? Do you ever dream of building a robot?

Meet Niko an engineering student that always had that kind of thought, however, studying is hard and he hates it! One moment Niko gets hit by a truck and gets transported into the other world. It was a wonderful world blessed with magic, with that Niko tried to cast his first magic spell but nothing came out. It turns out he doesn’t have any magical power, even in this world he still feels powerless and useless…

That is until a girl needs his help with fixing a robot?! Follow Niko’s journey in this wonderful world of magic and robots where we can learn more about electronics!


Memary: Memory of the nameless one

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Developer: AstralSeal
Platform: Steam
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 2

You who have no memory find yourself in the nameless mansion.
You don’t remember the reason why you stray in this mansion. You have no destination until you meet mysterious cat that reside in this mansion.

“I will guide you to your memory”

The mysterious cat offer help to guide you. The room with puzzle awaits you and when you solve it, you will regain your memory. To reclaim your identity, you choose to follow mysterious cat and solve all puzzle in the rooms of question.
What await you in your destination is the truth.
The unbearable truth about yourself that will never change.


Shanghai Summer

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Developer: Astrolabe Games
Platform: Steam, Nintendo, Playstation
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 8

Shanghai, 2003

Suddenly, Baichuan senses something is not right with his life – sometimes, he feels he can see his memories, so real yet so unfamiliar. This all seems to begin with an unexpected invitation from Baichuan’s ex-girlfriend, Qiuyu, who has been away for many years.

Twelve summer days, just like twelve lucid dreams…

“The time seems to be working anomalously on you.”


LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 3

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Developer: Toffer Team
Platform: Steam
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 9

Kanako is a tough and temperamental rocker girl, leader of a troublesome gang in Akihabara and bassist of her own band. She’s also a little bit tsundere, but… Don’t you dare say that to her face!

Ranko sees in this girl the potential to be the third member of the group of lewd idols. Her attitude, charisma, and popularity among her people makes Kanako the perfect candidate to give the group that touch of aggression that is lacking, in order to gain the attention of a new type of audience attracted to bad girls. But… It is impossible that a girl like her would want to join a group of idols!

However, it seems that Kanako hides more than one secret behind her exterior attitude… Could her opinion on the lewd idol world change a bit after meeting the sweet and innocent Kairi-chan? Will the Lewd Idol Project leader cuteness be able to convince this tsundere girl to show her true feelings?

Find out all this and more, with lots of girl-on-girl action, on LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 3!


Echo Tokyo: Reaper

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Developer: Dharker Studio
Platform: Steam
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 10

Become Light Keiji a new private investigator in Echo Tokyo city, use your wiles and seductive techniques to get the information you need from the various women, but be careful not to let your lust get in the way of the answers you need!


Uncanny Valley: Machine

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Developer: Outcast Developers
Platform: Steam
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 13

Uncanny Valley: Machine is a story about a world that will be alien to you and at the same time familiar. This novel will tell you a story about survival, adaptation and overcoming the fears of the main character, about how two people find a way out of a monstrous situation. All this is accompanied by uplifting music and picturesque landscapes of night streets.


Synthetic Fantasy;

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Developer: Lonely Rabbit Games
Platform: Steam, Itch
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 14

Do you feel lonely?

Observe this story as a member of the audience and witness this tale of love and friendship and find out the answer to the ultimate question:

Can YOU learn to love?

This is the question the protagonist, Dan Garland, will learn the answer to as he is caught between his fiance and an android.

Hopefully you will be able to answer that question too, player.


The Villainess Just Wants to Eat!!

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Developer: TheChosenGiraffe
Platform: Itch
Publication: Freeware
Released: February 14

Life’s greatest pleasures are food and fantasy manhwa. When reading, you can drool over hot characters and delicious looking food. After a late night of reading your favorite manhwa, you fall into the land of sleep and dream of being the fiance of the prince…only it isn’t a dream! You’ve been reincarnated as the villainess! Will you be able to survive and live your dream of eating delicious food, or will you suffer the deadly fate of all villainesses? 


Trajectory of summer flower Ⅱ

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Developer: SoraPrayer
Platform: Steam
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 14

Little is known about Tangxia Village, a secluded small mountain village. The scenery here is picturesque, with a perpetual summer-like atmosphere throughout the seasons. For most people, it is like a utopia, but beneath this beauty, this village is rife with feudalistic customs incongruent with its idyllic surroundings. Human trafficking, gender bias, and archaic rituals such as ghost marriage persist in the village, remnants of the old society’s customs.

The protagonist of the story, Ma Xiaodong, is the son of the Ma family, local landlords in this village. Living with his father, Ma Qingchen, his two sisters, Ma Minyi and Ma Wenhui, and his childhood friend, Zhu Qianyin, the five of them share a household. As the eldest son, Ma Xiaodong cherishes every day spent with his family, valuing them above all else. Though his father occasionally treats him harshly, he remains committed to the principle of filial piety.

Despite the seemingly peaceful surface, the inevitable conflict between personal growth and traditional beliefs creates tensions. Like a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon, changes in thoughts and contradictions with traditional values become apparent one summer. In this particular summer, long-hidden family secrets gradually surface.

Faced with the impending darkness, the choices between change and tradition, how will the young boys and girls respond? Will the gears of their destiny begin to turn, propelling them towards new horizons? All the answers will be revealed in this summer.


I Wani Hug that Gator!

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Developer: Cavemanon
Platform: Steam, Itch
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 14

Just great; just when Inco was getting ready to move on into his Senior year, his parents decide to uproot his life and move half-way across the country!

Guess it’s time to start all over. Sure, Inco didn’t have many friends (or any) back at his old school, and sure, he was so low on the social ladder that he had to get a deep-sea diving lesson…. Wait, why was he complaining about moving again?

I Wani Hug that Gator is a multi-ended, choices-matter visual novel about second chances and the power of accepting who you are. Shape how Inco makes the most of his final year, and how the relationships he makes along the way will develop. One relationship in particular has him feeling all fuzzy inside…


Bardic: Quest for Love

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Developer: Breadwork Games
Platform: Steam
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 15

Bardic: Quest for Love is an enchanting blend of Adventure and Dating Sim set in the magical city of Deepharbor. Playing as either Edmond or Edna, a humble bard fresh to the city of Deepharbor, they are suddenly tasked with running a tavern. Players must navigate the challenges of managing a struggling establishment while exploring the realms of love, adventure, and city life in the sprawling port city of Deepharbor.


Sifting Thyme

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Developer: Nochi Studios
Platform: Steam, iOS, Android
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 15

An otome visual novel where you choose your romance with an attractive boy in culinary school. A perfectly delectable romance for foodies.

You’re the newest transfer student at Lincoln Culinary Academy, a private culinary school to find your culinary calling and an unforgettable romance. Immerse yourself in your school adventures as you interact with four gorgeous guys with culinary skills of their own. As you spend time with these love interests, your experience at Lincoln turns to a delicious, romantic journey.

“Sifting Thyme” is an anime, food-themed simulation game where the romanceable characters are a part of your culinary boarding school life. The way you interact with the characters will affect your relationship and intimacy with them. Enjoy a romantic school life with 4 attractive boys!



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Developer: HiroRCK
Platform: Itch
Publication: Freeware
Released: February 16

Quentin “Q” Hawthorne is a coffee-loving IT specialist living a quiet life in the small town of Millbrook. But he’s about to learn that this charming place holds a secret – it is home to a 200-year-old mage association known as the Snake and Saber Society. Invited to join their ranks, he’ll now have to redefine his understanding of the world. But each step he takes on this new promising path will also bring him closer to his troubled past. Will he be able to confront it? Or will the shackles of guilt stop him from ever moving on?

Quaint is a slow-burn, character-driven story about seeking acceptance and finding your place in the world.


protoViolence: Definitive Edition

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Developer: Mado & Team malViolence
Platform: Steam, Itch
Publication: Freeware
Released: February 16

For over 20 years, Dr. Deidre Destrange produced groundbreaking research on cybernetics under STOP: a world-renowned security organization.

However, her work has led to the birth of STOP’s Youth Training and Development Initiative (YTDI): an unethical program that turns children into powerful cyborg soldiers.

Since Deidre’s legacy founded the YTDI, she believes she has the power to end it.

Will her upcoming case study save STOP from itself?


The Truth and Faking It

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Developer: Gobblepot Production
Platform: Itch
Publication: Freeware
Released: February 17

A Gobblepot fangame in Gotham TV universe.

Oswald visits a new bar where he runs into Jim. But of course he’s not there to party – it’s a case. Oswald decides to help him out, and from then on it’s in your hands. Will they find the criminal? Will they grow closer or remain as they were? What about a seaside vacation?

Play and find out!


Getting Canceled

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Developer: Lingonris Studios
Platform: Steam
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 21

You have finally gotten a job, despite your useless degree.

Now it is time to do what you can to make a good impression on your new co-workers and boss!

You play the game as the protagonist called John, who is just an average guy with no memorable features or personality traits.

John starts working at the marketing department of a mid-size soft beverage company, alongside a set of teammates with slightly more distinctive personalities.

The will of the boss sometimes clashes with the team. On top of that your teammates disagree with each other constantly.

Whose side will you be on?


Anamnesia – part 1: am i my body?

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Developer: Simon Herbig
Platform: Steam, Itch
Publication: Freeware
Released: February 21

Can you find the truth?
Nine people wake up trapped in an abandoned research facility. Split into three teams, separated into different halls, the members of the two Answer Teams need to compete in a game of life and death. The goal: to figure out the “truth” behind the secret member of the Question Team: Emilia.

Do you really want to?
Each part of Anamnesia will cover the same timeframe from the perspective of a different protagonist. Part 1 centers around Adrian, a member of Answer Team A. Will he manage to uncover the secrets hidden deep within himself in order to learn the truth and get out alive? Or, much more importantly: does he even want to?

Find your own truth.
Throughout the story you can scroll up at any time to check Adrian’s log: a recording of all conversations he has previously witnessed, stored on a chip in his brain. Maybe doing so can reveal hidden details he missed…


The Femboy Next Door Thinks I’m Cute

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Developer: owlyboi
Platform: Steam
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 23

Coming home on a Saturday from the grocery store with little expectations, your roommate informs you that the femboy next door was looking for you. He explains that he, the femboy next door, came over asking for milk, and then asked: “Where’s your cute friend?”

Your roommate encourages you to go over. What happens next is entirely up to you.

The femboy next door is just a milk carton away…


Alex’s Hope & Alex’s Solitude

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Developer: Violet Horizons Productions
Platform: Steam, Itch
Publication: Freeware
Released: February 23

Stories from the troubled pasts of two young adults, Alex’s Hope & Alex’s Solitude will take you through their darkest days and immerse you in their deepest emotions.

Alex’s Hope
The difficult story of a boy with a bleak future and a critical lack of love finding a reason to regain hope. A dark atmosphere, a cold journey, and a soft warmth will change his fate.

Alex’s Solitude
The story of a stubbornly good-hearted girl finding rejection and struggling to fit in. A change in persona, a new friend, and a serious wake-up call will lead her to make a life-changing resolution.


Isle of Maligree

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Developer: Gilded Rune Games
Platform: Steam
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 23

In this dark fantasy story, malicious spirits have let magic leak into the world. There has never been a greater need for people like you to control the chaos. In the time you have, collect items and clues, forge connections, and uncover secrets to the best of your ability in order to find who is responsible for people vanishing in Maligree.



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Developer: Aleksej Izimov
Platform: Steam
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 1

Maels is a student of MSU, Moscowia’s finest university. With his sister Alpha, Maels has spent whole life trying to escape from the poverty that surrounds them. But the reality turned out to be much harsher – the new, secular world rejected them.

As a result, Alpha became depressed and took an academic leave. Maels’ heart hardened – in response to the anger towards sister, he refused to accept this unjust world. He stopped attending classes, stopped associating with classmates. He no longer desired to fit into the system. Apart from his sister, the only person he kept in touch with was Izolda, a caring childhood friend he met back in middle school.

This is the way he lived until he met Astra, the love of his life. Her sincerity and kindness awakened in his long-forgotten feelings and reminded him that the world comprises more than just hatred and malice.

He no longer needs to fight the world. When you are truly happy, any hardship in life…

Did you really think it would be that easy? The main character has found love. The world is no longer a horrible place, and the anger in his heart has been replaced by happiness and understanding? Will he now find a 9-5 job, get three children and take out a mortgage on a flat?

Cowardice and the desire to turn a blind eye to the abhorrent actions of people around you will only lead to losing everything you hold dear. The only way out is to fight. Fight this cruel and unjust world.


Descent of the Hunted

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Developer: Calamity Bay Games
Platform: Steam
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 25

Descent of the Hunted is a psychological horror Visual Novel where the player controls the monster stalking a poor, tormented soul to whatever end awaits her. Your choices determine the nature of the beast and its physical make up. Her fate is in your hands.

Inspired by transgressive horror like The Babadook and The Lighthouse and taking narrative cues from story-driven classics like Disco Elysium, Descent of the Hunted explores coping with trauma in our modern world of isolation and electronic pacifiers. How little one must do to appear to be managing. How anonymous our suffering. In such an environment, does it really matter if the monsters are outside our minds or within?


The Sweetest Ring

Developer: Infidelisoft
Platform: Steam
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 26

You’re a movie fanatic and have just saved up for the newest 3D home cinema system. Booting up you are surprised by the quality of the 3D effect when a cute ghost girl crawls out of the TV, but then you realize that… the ghost woman is actually real?!

The Sweetest Ring is a short linear NTR visual novel about meeting and dating a ghost woman until she discovers there is better dick to be found by crawling back into the very TV she came from and joining the professional porn stars inside!


Sakura Isekai Adventure

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Developer: Winged Cloud
Platform: Steam
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 26

Aki’s life is nothing to write home about. She lives in Tokyo, works at an office, and she whiles away her time playing MMOs. Aki isn’t exactly happy with her lot in life, but it’s all she knows, and she’s too tired from work to change it.

Aki is the last person you’d expect to go on a magical adventure…

Until she gets hit by a truck.

After being mown down on her way home from work, Aki is summoned to the land of Anthem by a cat-eared witch called Mina.

Mina is a talented mage whose skills far outstrip most others. She promises she’ll return Aki home in due course, after she’s had a chance to replenish her magical energy, but she wants Aki to do her a favor first.

The priestess Luna, whom Mina was entrusted with taking care of, has been kidnapped by malevolent forces, and Mina has no idea where she is.

Mina enlists the help of Aki, our heroine, and Scarlet, a cheerful foxgirl, to track down Luna and punish the brigands who kidnapped her. Our trio’s journey will be far from easy, however. Attacked by thieves, assaulted by slimes, and encumbered by Aki’s own incompetence, Aki’s new life in Anthem gets off to a poor start.

Can an awkward, unassuming office lady like Aki really become a hero?


Blood Kiss

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Developer: Storytaco
Platform: Steam
Publication: Freeware
Released: February 27

In a twist of fate far from an inheritance, “you” find yourself burdened with sudden debt. Just when all seems lost, an opportunity arises that could turn your life around.
The catch? You must survive a detention center where vampires that have lost all control are imprisoned…

In the vampire’s lair, will “your” future be fraught with danger, or could there possibly be a chance for romance?


The Silent Column

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Developer: Overlooked Option Visual Novels
Platform: Itch
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 28

The Silent Column is a romance visual novel – boy pursues girl – which takes place after the events of ‘the fall,’ a supernatural event which resulted in the deaths of most people in the world.

In the aftermath of that terrible time, Tashen and his small, family-like unit live quiet lives as they meet new people – such as the mysterious Amy, the intimate Thidria, and the energetic Serra.

As time goes on, Tashen finds himself surrounded by strange and abstract mysteries… some of which are older than the sun.


Looking Up I See Only A Ceiling (Switch Port)

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Developer: Silver978
Platform: Steam, Nintendo
Publication: Non-free
Released: February 29

A short psychological adventure about a stressed girl who wants to explore her ceiling.

A seemingly monotonous life, full of books and endless study.
But what happens if you reach the ‘point of no return’?
Follow the challenging life of a student in this short psychological adventure game.


Order Us!

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Developer: OrderUsTeam
Platform: Itch (Demo)
Publication: Non-free
Released: TBA

In retro-era Europe, a small cafe has a lot more than baking going on behind the curtains. The staff is made up exclusively of adorable girls dressed like menu items! The listed prices seem ludicrously expensive to any newcomers, appearing to cost several hundred times what one would expect. Yet the regulars argue that these “rates” are the best in town. At least, that’s what your dreams look like. In reality, the grand opening is two weeks away and you’ve managed to hire only two escorts, neither of which are capable of servicing the customers!


And that’s pretty much it! This time, we featured around 30 EVN titles. That’s a pretty good number, right? Going forward, I plan to continue doing it around the same number so it’s not too overwhelming of a list for both the reader and myself, haha.

Among those we’ve listed, a title I’ve actually played is protoViolence. Fujoneko wrote a news article about it a little over a week ago, and reading the synopsis by itself got me interested in the series. It’s a pretty good experience reading it by itself, but pairing it with its sequel that released in 2023 rounds up the entire story pretty nicely. And to top it all off, they’re both freeware! So if you have some time to just sit and read something, a little bit of Ctrl+F plus freeware might be the ticket to your next brainrot.

Special Mentions

Besides that, there were a few titles that didn’t make the final cut but I think deserve a mention. Apolitical Magical Girl Game by Stanwixbuster was a nice play on the “discouraged politics” guideline of Magical Girl Game Jam which turned a cute highschool setting for a magical girl main character into a visualization of the struggle to find meaning in fighting for an abstract idea of good. It’s pretty condensed and packed with a few fancy words, but the spirit of it is easy to digest.

Valentine date: WHEN my introvert BEST friend need my help for his valentine date by magi_kera was too simplistic for me to include it, but the art style was pretty damn adorable. Sure, the English isn’t exactly the best and the story’s downright mundane, but it made me smile a bit as I was doing the EVN list. Shoutout to all the introverted people who struggle to get out of your shell! You’re definitely not alone.

Last but not the least, I’d like to mention Order Us! by OrderUsTeam. Argent brought the game to my attention at the start of this year and honestly, it looked pretty nice at a glance. It’s Live2D too! Order Us! was originally supposed to release at the start of March, but due to an unfortunate incident with Steam, they’ve been forced to delay it and look for alternative storefronts to release it in. You know it’s a pretty big issue when even NekoNyan steps up and complains about having met the same situation. Well, at least now we know why Tenshi☆Souzou RE-BOOT! is delayed.

Come show your support for them in this thread!

Closing Remarks

To close it out, I hope at least a few of these titles we listed in this month’s list looked interesting enough for you to pick up and try to read. There’s a lot of cool EVNs out there that I personally haven’t read myself, so I’m excited for everyone to find their own hidden treasures among the numerous releases out there. Tell us in the comments if you find some!

As always, a lot of thanks to fujoneko for helping me out with the list. Look forward to next month’s list as well. See you in the next article!

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