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Where Does It End?—Looking Up I See Only A Ceiling now on the Switch

On February 29th, Looking Up I See Only A Ceiling by Flynn’s Arcade was made available to buy on the Nintendo Store. The release is a console port of the original EVN released a year ago on Steam under the Chinese publisher IndieArk. Similar to the PC release, the port can be bought for the Nintendo Switch for the low price of $2.99.


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A seemingly monotonous life, full of books and endless study.
But what happens if you reach the ‘point of no return’?
Follow the challenging life of a student in this short psychological adventure game.



  • Short but meaningful experience;
  • Hand drawn locations and characters;
  • 3 endings to discover;
  • An unlockable mode to know more about the game’s lore.

Looking Up I See Only a Ceiling features three endings that players can discover. The game boasts beautiful hand drawn locations and characters by saineko08 and music composed by indie developer silver978. While its runtime is estimated to be a little less than an hour long, the developer promises a meaningful experience for readers who are interested enough to give it a try.

Looking Up I See Only a Ceiling is available to buy on Steam for $1.99 and on the Nintendo Store for $2.99. If you’re interested in the developers’ other works, follow silver978’s Twitter account or refer to Flynn Arcade’s official website.

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