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Review: LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 2 – Hot Springs and Beach Episodes

This review is long overdue and I’ll admit: I kinda lost all of my notes and screenshots, so I’m sorry if I’m a bit more vague on my evaluation!

If you don’t know, Lewd Idol Project is a yuri nukige series which follows Kairi on her journey to become the top (lewd) idol! As a quick recap of the second volume which I reviewed last year, Kairi meets Yuki, the gamer introvert, and, with the help of her manager Ranko, persuades her to join their idol project. For this DLC, we follow the three of them as they again escape the idol world of Akihabara with a virtual trip to either the beach or the hot springs—your choice!

If that sounds interesting, you can get a copy via Steam, Denpasoft, and JAST for less than 5 dollars!

Toffer Team was kind enough to have been sending us keys so we can give our honest feedback and it’s unfortunate this review took me nearly an entire year to finish. That said, I don’t plan on making the same mistake. My review on Volume 3, where we meet the last addition to the group, will be coming soon!


While I wasn’t expecting a huge improvement, given the nature of the VN, the writing seemed a bit more compelling than the last two entries. It’s nothing too grand but, after all, you’re not exactly here for the majestic writing, right? It’s a fun and sexy time!


Just like the DLC for the first volume, we have two available scenarios: one for the Beach episode, and the other for the Hot Springs episode.

They are both short straightforward and pretty similar to the first volume’s. This time, however, we have our new girl from Vol 2: Yuki! She adds a new level of spice to both episodes—like VR!

Following a similar structure to the last DLC, this entry now features multiple endings, one for both Ranko and Yuki, as well as a threesome ending. You can also get bad or neutral endings that will cut the story (and H-scenes) short, so be careful with what you choose!


While in the first two entries Kairi, our protagonist, is still rather shy about her feelings and sexuality, we see her gradually embracing her lewd side more and more! You can definitely see it here, even if she can be a bit reserved at times.

I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of love rivalry as a concept, but Yuki definitely comes off as the better here, as she becomes more tolerant of Ranko. I do wish Ranko developed a bit more, maybe acting more mature for her age would have helped, as a lot of what she does comes off like a horny teenager.


It’s always lovely to see the art of a series gradually improving with each entry. I still remember having issues with the inconsistent art style and the occasional uncanny-valley expression, but now I can’t even notice it! The CGs are especially beautiful in the Beach episode, but both artworks are stunning. I can only wonder how Volume 3 looks!

You get to have a new outfit to enjoy, and it’s a very daring one!


I’ll admit this wasn’t the most detailed review, even if this is a DLC with a lot of overlapping opinions from my past reviews. If you’d like a fresher review for the previous game’s DLC, check it here!

This was still a fun read, and it’s short enough to be read in one sitting. You can even save the series for a weekend and read one episode per day.

I do want to mention I have high expectations for the next entry, as it seems to be the final main entry of the series and I wish the plot can finally enter actual Idol territory (the lewds too!), something I’ve didn’t see much of for the previous releases.

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