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COZ Releases Anonymous;Code Improvement Fan Patch!

The Committee of Zero has released an improvement patch for Anonymous;Code on Steam! Their full improvement patch incorporates the following fixes:

  • Subtitles for over 500 voice lines that were left uncaptioned in the official release.
  • Subtitles and karaoke mixing to opening, ending and insert tracks.
  • Replacement of existing compressed audio tracks with higher quality versions.
  • Correction of terminology for consistency with previous works (i.e. GAI Institution -> GAI Organization).
  • Correction of typos and mistranslations.
  • Translation of currently untranslated CGs and BGs.
  • Editing of CGs and image files to account for terminology consistency.
The patch subtitling the insert song

The Committee of Zero is the main fan translation group for the Science Adventure series. They have produced improvement patches for the steam releases of every main work in the series. Their patches typically include a myriad of quality of life improvements, ranging from translating CGs, adding mouse support when absent, correction of mistranslations, up to restoring cut content. This patch in particular marks the group’s first foray in working with M2’s Kaleido ADV engine, as prior releases all ran on the MAGES. engine. Additionally, this release marks the first time that they would offer a partial patch for English dub players, designed for those seeking to have text for spoken dialogue unaltered but text corrections, image edits, and subtitles for non-dialogue text. A full list of the patch’s features is available on the Committee of Zero’s patch page.

Patch Credits

Anonymous;Code’s official localization has received wide praise for being a massive step above previous Science Adventure translations. It may very well be the best official Science Adventure localization to date. That being said, it does have a few issues which the Committee of Zero addresses with their patch. For example, the official localization is sometimes inconsistent in its translation of series-wide key terminology. As Anonymous;Code serves as the culmination of the franchise, series-wide key term consistency is more important than ever before. Moreover, the Committee of Zero’s subtitling work is a huge accessibility boost for players with hearing-related disabilites. It also provides help for users playing the game with Japanese voiceovers, whose understanding of 500 unsubtitled/untranslated lines in the official release cannot be taken for granted.

Beyond this patch’s release, The Committee of Zero are working on fan translations and ports for the Chaos; series fandisks. As of February 2023, they had finished 65% of Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu‘s first translation pass. Progress appears to be moving smoothly. Additionally, they are also planning on patching Steins;Gate Elite, Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram, and Steins;Gate: My Darling’s Embrace.

Anonymous;Code is the sixth main entry in MAGES.’ and Chiyomaru Studio’s Science Adventure series, which is a lengthy, interconnected sci-fi visual novel franchise. Each entry in the series has its own unique cast and a somewhat self-contained plot which nevertheless builds upon its predecessors to produce an overarching narrative. Anonymous;Code is the most futuristic Science Adventure title to date, taking place all the way in 2037. The story follows orphaned 16 year-old hacker Takaoka Pollon as he finds himself entangled in a plot that shakes the world to its core, starting with a fateful meeting with a girl on the run from armed assailants. You can check out our spoiler-free review for the game here!

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