Robotics;Notes Manga Volume One Released Today

After being released in Japan quite some time ago, the Robotics;Notes manga is finally being localized in English by Udon Entertainment.

Steins;Gate OST on Vinyl Now Up For Pre-Order

Change your future with these Vinyls!

ANONYMOUS;CODE is out now!

After years of waiting, it's finally out!

Chaos;Head Noah Patch Released By The Committee of Zero

On February 3rd, 2023, The Committee of Zero released its long-awaited patch for Chaos;Head Noah. Over five years in the making, it’s easily TCoZ’s biggest project to date. This patch…

MAGES Is Nearing Insolvency. What Will Happen To The SciADV Series Now?

The company—formerly known as 5pb.—was established in 2005 by Chiyomaru Shikura, and would go on to release some of the most popular and influential visual novels of all time,…