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Untranslated Releases: July 2023

Hello, friends!

This week, we don’t have much to talk about during VNTS, so we decided to bring a format back that hadn’t been available on the Internet in English since the old moderator SuperAnge last stopped posting it on the r/visualnovels subreddit about a year ago: a listing of the untranslated releases of each month.

Since it is the first time we post this format on Fuwanovel, we have to explain to you what we’re fetching and how this list is being generated. Our programmer Sirus (he’s French!) picked up on our desire to offer a list that updates itself and created a little (currently private) program which fetches a lot of data, thumbnails, developer list, release date and links to purchase items from the VNDB API. There are more options if we need them.

Oh wow, it’s empty. Let’s type in a password and see what happens!
Instantly fetches from VNDB in a matter of seconds!

After the fetching, you can then click on a button that says “Save to Clipboard” and just post it into wordpress and you got this amazing list you see below. Due to the nature of many of the preview images being NSFW, we don’t fetch those, however.

If you guys have any suggestions for more vital metadata to fetch, please comment them below and we will consider adding them to the program. Feel free to share the list around with all the Japanese original readers you know.

Copypasted into Editor for a full list. Some things may have to be adjusted manually though.

For a more visually beautiful representation of this feature, consider checking out panapanapana, but it’s Japanese-only!

Untranslated Releases: July

TitlePlatformsDeveloperRelease DateStore
Megasuki! ~Memorial Stories~ Sakura Ayumu Ganbaru Taisou-gi HenWindowsGLASSES01 July
Ano Ko mo Unko Shitai! for Short x KurokamiWindowsResutou01 JulyGet @ dlsite
ensemble Otome Series Patch & Mini ADV Special SetWindows01 JulyGet @ dmm
ensemble Ojou-sama Series Patch & Mini ADV Special SetWindows01 July
Ikou AiWindows△ Suke01 JulyGet @ booth
Akira-menai de ♡ Aoi-chan!Windows△ Suke01 JulyGet @ booth
Mystery Kenkyuukai e Youkoso ~Fatal School Life~ Product EditionWindowsKarolab02 JulyGet @ booth
Undecided-cyan-Windows/Browserichiko05 JulyGet @ novelgam
Sailor Fuku to Femme FataleWindows/BrowserGracias07 JulyGet @ freem
Get @ novelgam
Houkai ShoujoWindows/Browserone room create07 JulyGet @ novelgam
Doutoku VideoWindows/BrowserPorontesuta07 JulyGet @ freem
Get @ novelgam
Get @ booth
4-Kakan to Kanojo no KisekiWindows/Linux/Mac OSCrack on Clark07 JulyGet @ booth
Ren’ai, Karichaimashita – Demosaic PatchWindows09 July
Shiitage Rareta Shatachi no RakuenWindowsOtokotachi no Osu-dama09 JulyGet @ booth
Gakuen no PrincessWindows/BrowserFree Novel Seisaku Jimukyoku10 JulyGet @ freem
Get @ novelgam
Muv-Luv DimensionsiOS/AndroidNextNinja11 JulyGet @ appstore
Get @ googplay
BIRLA ver. 1.08Windows/BrowserBBzB12 JulyGet @ itch
Soshite Kimishoku eWindowsNokuta13 JulyGet @ freem
Yume o Tashikameru – Renewal Edition – Package EditionWindowsYapushi Kaidou14 JulyGet @ melonjp
Amaenbo FuyuWindows14 July
Usotsuki StreamerWindowsRe:primevère14 JulyGet @ booth
Chou’ai KibouWindowsShijimi14 JulyGet @ novelgam
Ryouma-kun to Hajimete no Ouchi Date – Windows 32-bit EditionWindowsiyo14 JulyGet @ booth
Hokugen no Aruba ~Natsu no Shou~WindowsTomorrow’s Weather15 JulyGet @ novelgam
Gakuen Tengoku Chirinuru oWindows/BrowserGracias16 JulyGet @ freem
Get @ novelgam
Ashitae to Tsuzuku Sora.WindowsMokumoku Wataume16 JulyGet @ booth
0ji no Arabian NightWindowsMIZUBLUE GAMES18 JulyGet @ novelgam
Tenshi no EgoWindows/BrowserMuse≠*19 JulyGet @ novelgam
Wand of Fortune R2 ~Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku~ for Nintendo SwitchSwitchIdea Factory Co., Ltd.20 July
Natsu no Shoumei.WindowsFujikino20 JulyGet @ dlsite
Sanoba Witch – FHD EditionWindowsYuzusoft21 JulyGet @ steam
Get @ steamdb
12RIVEN -the Ψcliminal of integral- CGs FixWindows23 July
The House In Fata Morgana – Dreams Of The RevenantsWindows23 July
Deep One – Regular EditionSwitchEntergram, Inc.27 JulyGet @ melonjp
Get @ playasia
Hayarigami 1-2-3 PackPlaystation 4/Playstation 5/SwitchNippon Ichi Software27 July
Hanasaki Work Spring! – Regular EditionSwitchSAGA PLANETS27 JulyGet @ melonjp
Get @ playasia
Sengoku † Koihime EX 3WindowsBaseSon28 July
Shirokoi Sakura * Gram LF – First Press Limited EditionWindowsNanaWind28 JulyGet @ melonjp
Get @ getchu
Get @ dmm
Get @ toranoana
Otome no Ken to Himegoto Concerto – Regular EditionWindowsensemble28 JulyGet @ melonjp
Get @ getchu
Get @ dmm
Get @ toranoana
Onee-chan (tachi) wa Osewa Saretai! – Package EditionWindowsCLOCKUP28 JulyGet @ getchu
Sewohayami. – First Press EditionWindowsTinkerBell28 JulyGet @ getchu
Ore no Hitomi de Maruhadaka! Fukachi na Mirai to Misukasu Vision – First Press EditionWindowsHulotte28 JulyGet @ melonjp
Get @ getchu
Get @ dmm
Get @ toranoana
dROSEra ~Lady Bad End no Hatsukoi~ – Regular EditionWindowsTily28 JulyGet @ getchu
Bakunyuu Yuukaku ~Iyasare Tayuu Haramase no Yakaku~ Package EditionWindowsErectlip28 JulyGet @ getchu
Osananajimi Ojou-sama to H de Himitsu na Dousei Seikatsu – Package EditionWindowsAmuse Craft Erotica28 JulyGet @ melonjp
Get @ getchu
Get @ toranoana
Haruka Ao no Hanayome ni – First Press EditionWindowsLump of Sugar28 JulyGet @ melonjp
Get @ getchu
Get @ dmm
Get @ toranoana
Boku Iro Ni Somaru Oba – Package EditionWindowsDark One!28 JulyGet @ getchu
Play! Play! Play! Lock! – Package Regular EditionWindowsValkyria28 July
Azato Kawaii Ayase-chan! – Package EditionWindowsConfiture Soft28 JulyGet @ melonjp
Get @ getchu
Get @ dmm
Get @ toranoana
Ore no Osananajimi ga Ero Haishin o Shiteita Ken ~Jimi na Kanojo no Ura no Kao wa EroEro na Haishinsha Deshita~WindowsAtelier Sakura28 JulyGet @ getchu
Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hanasaku – Reprint Edition – First Press Special Edition – Package EditionWindowsCyc Rosé28 July
Minarai Onna Touzoku Aria no Ero Trap Dungeon – Package EditionWindowsZION28 JulyGet @ getchu
Mikotonori! ~Imouto Miko to Nakadashi Jorei~ Package EditionWindowsHAMHAM-SOFT28 JulyGet @ getchu
Isuwari Kanojo to no Doki Doki Doukyo Seikatsu ~Nee Nee, Oji-san Shitai Desho♪~ Package EditionWindowsApadash28 JulyGet @ getchu
Okuchi wa Uwaki ni Naranai no yo? ~Shinkon na no ni Bijin Joushi to Himitsu no Zangyou~ Package EditionWindowsAppetite28 JulyGet @ melonjp
Get @ getchu
Kimajime Fuuki Iinchou no Ura Account ~Mebaete Shimatta Midara na Shounin Yokkyuu~ Package EditionWindowsAppetite28 JulyGet @ getchu
Nukicolle vol.42 – Nemureru Sono no Shoujo-tachiWindowsKaeru Soft28 July
ANIM Selection Vol.1 WHY?! Wakazuma ga Netorareta?!WindowsANIM28 JulyGet @ melonjp
Get @ getchu
Kimajime Gunjin to Seiso Hime o Dekachin de Seifuku! Kyonyuu Haramase Onaho ni Shite Gehin ni Kobi Tsukusa Seru! – Package editionWindowsMiel28 JulyGet @ getchu
Kagura Reimeiki ~Natsu no Shou~ Ni – Package EditionWindowsDebo no Su Seisakusho28 JulyGet @ melonjp
Get @ getchu
Get @ dmm
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A big thanks to Insanityissexy for starting the tradition, and funwithgravity and SuperAnge for maintaining it until they didn’t feel like it anymore. Fuwanovel will now carry the tradition on until the eventual death of the Universe.

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