Piracy survey from BL Games World

Written by Grayest

BL (Boys Love) Visual Novel website and Twitter page BL Games World has published a survey about VN piracy directed towards all kinds of readers and genres, not just that of BL.

The survey is about 20 minutes long, is completely anonymous, and offers all kinds of questions about piracy, and all sorts of scenarios for VN piracy being right or not based on the buyers financial situation. Some questions in the survey are purely related to the ethics, some are related to the means of which users pirate VNs, and a small section of the survey is related to defining what piracy is, and what doesn’t count. (e.g is watching a YouTube playthrough of a VN piracy since you can read off the screen?)

Thus far, the survey seems to have gotten responses from several types of readers.

The results could prove to be useful for developers, and VN community managers alike.

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