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VN Translation Status (25/04/2015)

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Written by Tay

Hey everybody! Hope you’re doing well and those of you in school/university aren’t too stressed out from exams : P. This is our weekly VNTS series in which we track visual novel translation updates ourselves (we don’t rely on /jp/ posts on 4ch, for example) and post it for you each week on Saturday. If you find any errors, or you think a project is missing from this list, please let me know in the comments. Any new updates are marked by orange text.

The Short Version:
Only the New Stuff

  • Amber Breaker (MG) was released last week. I didn’t highlight it like I should have last week because it’s nukige which we/I don’t usually cover, but hey, here you go. Buy it/more info here.
  • AstralAir – Got a new update about the project (3.1%, 2008/63940). New TLer, SupremeTentacle, has joined the team. No partial patches planned for the project.
  • Clover Day’s – Astro has taken a break from the project; Anzu’s route is at 40-50% (link).
  • Denwatls Secret Project 2 – Now at 75.214% TL (more info here)
  • Gore Screaming Show – Big percentage bumps in common route including some editing (36%; Edit: 36%), and Yamiko route may be ~50%. Possibly. We don’t know. Blame CryingWestern, not me. I’m just the messenger.
  • Hanahira patch was released last week by GHS. The release also includes the light novel. Buy the game here.
  • Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort – A nice boost in the first-pass editing process (now 69.77%)
  • Monster Girl Quest Paradox – Finally added this to VNTL-Moon and to this list. It did get a small patch release last month (link), but we’re expecting another update at the end of April. Currently the site says, “Temporarily on hold: No, it’s definitely not dead!”
  • (Muv-Luv TDA 01 team, Alternative Projects) A lot of people keep asking, so I’ll just mention here that to my knowledge they haven’t announced what they’re working on next. They did get a few new TLers, tho, so stay tuned for an eventual, awesome update : ))
  • PersonA – NOT DEAD! We haven’t heard from them since last December, so this is great news. Only a little TL progress, but quite a bit of editing done. Right now dealing with lots of errors from the game. More info here.
  • Rance 5D – Small boost in editing up to 11%
  • Rance VI – Still pushing steadily onward! Saw a boost up to 54.7% TL
  • Rewrite Harvest Festa – We actually saw a a significant decrease in total lines completed: we’re now down to Total Lines: 12194/30040 (40.59%). I know that sounds like a bummer, but the fact that the project page was updated is probably a good sign: it’s been static for a long time, now, so maybe this suggests movement is coming! Anybody got more info about this?
  • Shiny Days (JAST) – There has been some controversy this week about censoring the Shiny Days release. Sanah’s recent opinion piece has an overview of the issue and offers one take as to why you should still get the game.
  • Subarashiki Hibi (SubaHibi) – Solid bump up to 82% edited
  • The Reject Demon: Toko has, after various delays, finally decided to just announce a new release date “when it’s ready”.
  • Witch’s Garden – Bump up to 37.46% (25173/67201) TL. Glad to see the progress, good luck!
  • (If you like tracking VNTL, check out this post about Fuwa’s new VN TL updates aggregator.)
  • AstralAir needs a video editor (opening video), and an image editor (in-game CGI text)

Fan Translation

Fan TL ProjectTeamBrief Status Summary
Lemnisca TL
TL: 100%;
Editing: 4% (3/72);
QC: 0%
Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino
AkaAka TL
TL: 98%;
Editing: 15%; 2/3 of common proofread; Demo being tested
Ni Shi Shi TL
TL: 59% (1366/2308); latest updates will be found on the project’s IRC channel (#[email protected])
Amairo Islenauts
Sakura Subs
Prologue TL: 100%; Edit: 100%
Common TL: 100%; Edit: 99%
Airi: TL: 0%; Edit: 0%
Masaki TL: 18.5%; Edit: 0%
Shirley TL: 10%; Edit: 0%
Yune TL: 0%; Edit: 0%
Konoka TL: 55%; Edit: 0%
Bonus TL: 20%; Edit: 0%
Otome Game TL
Licensed. To be released in August. “Project discontinued. Please buy the official English version.” More Info Tay’s Note: It’s going to be on the PS VITA, guys!
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (Aokana)
Ep 1 TL: 23% (482/2085)
AstralAir TL
TL: 3.1% (2008/63940)
Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare-
Golden Spirit
Need TLers (see above)
Bunny Black 2
Seiha TL
Aroduc put together the to-do list and project plan. (Update topic)
Clover Day’s
Yakusoku TL
Common TL: 100%;
Anzu TL: 40-50%;
Anri TL: 0%;
Hekiru TL: 10.25%;
Tsubame TL: 0%;
Izumi: 0%;
Anzu partial patch released, (link)
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai
Library Shepherd
TL: 43% (29878/69128);
Edit: 36% (25533/69128)
Gore Screaming Show
Crying TL
Common & Other TL: 36%; Edit: 36%
Akane TL: 0%;
Aoi TL: 0%;
Kiika TL: 0%;
Yamiko TL: 50% (ish, maybe);
Yuka TL: 12%;
Editing: 10%;
Day 1 editing done. Patch available on Feb 6, 2015 post
Loe Quality
44% beta patch released on Feb 25, 2015
Haruka Na Sora
The team is currently focusing on Yosuga no Sora before working on this one.
Hatsukoi 1/1
Kousetsu Translations
TL: 10962 lines (unknown %);
Edit: ~9900 lines4/11 – Posted new videos! Link
Hiiro no Kakera
Otome Game TL
Being translated, see site. Latest post: Chapter 1 – Part 9
Ken ga Kimi
Golden Spirit
TL: 36%. REALLY needs TLers!
Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki (Koisaku)
SakuSaku TL
TL: 64% (31858/49257);
Edit: 46% (22891/49257);
QC: 46% (22891/49257);
Konami & Mio Patch Version 1.10 released, almost done with Yuri route.
Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (Koichoco)
Basic TL
TL: 100%;
Edit: 86% (369/397);
QC: 53% (217/397)First partial patch out
Koiken Otome
Flying Pantsu
TL: 96% (38943 lines);
TLC: 81% (33001 lines);
Edit: 83% (33824 lines);
QC: 74% (30162 lines);Prologue patch releasedUpdate post here. They are still alive!
Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort
(Updates: Page, Doc)
TL: 100%;
First-Pass Edit: 69.77% (25344/36325)
TL: 89% (34139/38001);
Edit: 58% (22248/38001)
Kurukuru Fanatic
Dark Eye
TL: 74.79%
Aarin Community
4/18/2015 – Looks like they’re doing a general sweep-up. See this post. You’ll need an Aarin account.
Project Zoom909
Nanami: partial patch released;
Hikari: 1436/6085 lines
Lilium x Triangle
Tiny Lily
TL: 100%
Edit: 29% (872/2,995)
Little Busters EX/ME
Doki & Fuzzy
(Updates: Page, Doc)
Total TL: 98.5% (29712);
Total Edit: 58.27% (17576)
Total QC: 0%
Lovely x Cation
Elevator TL
Site is down? Anybody know what’s up? TL: 9.45%
Magical Marriage Lunatics!!
(Progress)Common Route
Translated: 11,856/15,935 = 74.4%,
TLC : 1433/15,935 =8.99%
Edited : 1433/15,935 = 8.99%Routes Total
11,856/64,062 = 18.51%Note: Decay reports the project is at 13,534 lines. I’m going by their website, here, however so that’s why my numbers are lower.
Monster Girl Quest Paradox
“Temporarily on hold: No, it’s definitely not dead!”Small patch was released last month (link)
Majikoi S
Maji TL
Setting up
Muv-Luv Altered Fable
Jutsuki Sen
3rd patch released in 2014: with Sumika, Meiya, Kashiwagi routes
Muv-Luv The Day After 01
Alternative Projects
RELEASED! This is the TDA01 portion of Muv-Luv Alternative: Chronicles 02. More info/congratulate the team here.This will be removed from the list next week.
Noble Works
Oxford Comma
TL: 74.9% (43,216 / 57,690);
Partial patch out
Nursery Rhyme
TL: 19% (6302 / 32977)
Edit: 2% (805 / 32977)
Oreimo Tsuzuku
—Disk 1—
Patch released;—Disk 2—
TL:: 88.1% (236);
TLC: 61.9% (166);
Edit: 48.5% (130)
(Progress)TL: 43%Edit: 33%NOT DEAD! Dealing with lots of errors. “So far I have all of Raoul’s and Fantome’s routes translated. I am working on Philip sand would say I’m about half done with them.”
Princess Maker 5
(Updates: Page, Doc)TL (100 – unTLd): 86.06%;
Finalized TL: 32.91%
Prism Ark
Common route translated. Check out forum post here to follow. (It’s kind of hard to understand how aroduc formats his posts, but essentially he makes to-do lists and marks items off or deletes them as he goes)
Rance 5D
2.0 TL
TL: 40%
TLC: 11%
Rance Quest Magnum
2.0 TL
TL: 29%
Rance VI
TL: 54.7%
Rewrite Harvest Festa
TL (total lines): 40.59% (12,194/30040 lines)
Rose Guns Days 3+4
Witch Hunt
TL: 100%; Edit: 60%
Sanarara R
Gao Gao
TL: 14.5% (15/103 parts)
Sayonara wo Oshiete
TL: 29.8% (4269/14309);
Edit: 0%
SonoHana 10
Yuri Project
In TL phase, some editing and QC done
SonoHana 11
Yuri Project
In TL phase
Starry Sky ~in Summer~
Golden Spirit
Needs TLers! (See above)
Subarashiki Hibi (SubaHibi)
TL: 96.1% (51238/53290);
Edit: 82.0% (43718/53290);Down the Rabbit Hole I patch released
Supreme Candy
(Progress)TL: ~33.7% (~14573/43261)
Sweet Pool
Aarin Community
Translation: 100%
Translation checking: 100%
Editing: 100%
Proofreading: 96%
Insertion: 96%
Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen
TL: 100%;
Edit: 100%;
QC: 100%;To do: 1) Fix technical stuff; 2) QC
To Heart 2
(Progress)TL: 73.4%;Alpha4 Patch Up
Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete
TL: 12.2% (4282/35056)Looking for TLers, TLCers, and editors
Wand of Fortune
Otome Game TL
Being translated; see site.Latest post: Week 1 – Day 1 {Part 9}
White Album 2
(Updates: Page, Stats)
TL: 22.32% (15684/70253);Rough patch released
Witch’s Garden
TL: 37.46% (25173/67201);
TLC: 4.35%; (2926/67201)
Edit: 3.11% (2089/67201);
QC: 3.11% (2089/67201);Prologue patch available
Yosuga no Sora
Overall TL: 82.92% (32655/39383)

JAST USA (Updates)

GameBrief Status Summary
Raidy IIITranslation finished. Testing build for bugs.
SeinarukanaTranslation is done. Game’s engine is being localized and tested.
Shiny DaysTranslation draft is complete. Now editing script and checking of timing.Sanah’s recent opinion piece offers one take as to why you should still get the game.
StarlessPretty much done.


MangagamerBrief Status Summary
Amber BreakerReleased (Buy it here)Will be removed from this list next week.
BokutenTL: 66.3%
Edit: 20.4%
Da Capo 3Translation: 42.4%
EuphoriaTL: 99%;
Edit: 89.9%
Free FriendsTL: 100%
Edit: 20.6%
Free Friends 2TL: 28.4%
Edit: 25.3%
GahkthunTL: 76%;
Edit: 21.5%
Higurashi (Retranslation)Onikakushi to be released 15 May; available for pre-order. Lots of bonus material to be translated later (link).TL’d 17.7% of Watanagashi; Onikakushi: Double Checking Script, Updating UI.
House in Fata MorganaTL: 47.2%;
Edit: 1.3%
Kara no Shoujo 2TL and testing complete.Edit: 65.2%
OZMAFIA!!Translation: 31.5%
SupiparaIntend to fund through Eden’s sales; see

Sekai Project

Sekai ProjectRelease Date
Ame no MarginalApril/May 2015
fault -milestone two-Demo released,
full version slated for Q3 2015
HitomeboreApril/May 2015
Kokonoe KokoroApril/May 2015
November BoyTBD
Planet RulerTBD
RaidersSphere4thSteam Early Access Link
Shizuku no OtoTBD
Sunrider AcademyReleased! Buy it here.Will be removed from this list next week.
The Fruit of GrisaiaApril/May 2015
The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0In QA, releasing “when ready”.
WAS -The Hourglass of Lepidoptera-TBD
WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.02Spring 2015

The Zakabox

Zakabox™ Commentary

(Tay, again: I was late getting this post to Zaka, again, so the Zakabox may not happen this week. Sorry! You can always get your daily dose of Swedish Viking over at @zakamutt)

「Never underestimate NINJA KARATE Zaka!

You know, I’m jealous. Swedish Viking may have a certain majesty to it, but American Archmage is all alliterative and all. Though admittedly, that abbreviates to AA… huhuhuhu.

No idea what’s holding Toko up, since apparently writing and all was done on the 7th and they took til the 14th for QA and then ’twas the 21st because many big titles were releasing that day and… well, yeah. Might be some fundamental scripting issues or sudden problems in the art department I guess. Or the writer looked upon the script and thought it was shit despite it probably not being thus, as writers do.

I read through Hanahira last week, which is amusingly the first VN I’ve completed in *holds up fingers* *counts* *cries* *fails to find firearm* *oh well I live on to visual novel another day*. Anyway, 9/10 in the brainless sugary moemoe yuriyuri category.

MangaGamer tends to (inconveniently) update progress on sundays; if I’m not too lazy I’ll update this then.

…You know, I wonder which of those two Romanesque girls up there I am. I want to be the pink-haired girl. Can I be the pink-haired girl? Alright, I’m now be the pink-haired girl. Her name is now Zaka.


TAYsteful™ response

As regards “The Reject Demon: Toko” (which, I agree, really should be named “Toko: The Reject Demon” because I always start writing the title wrong), I’ve got a friend who works with Lupiesoft (the dev making Toko). From what I’ve heard, it wasn’t necessarily their choice to postpone the release, and there was much frustration when they found out their release date was pushed back. That said, they have nothing but nice things to say about their experience working with Sekai, so I’d bet both parties are making the best of it. No word on release date, tho.

And yeah, Mangagamer and a few projects tend to update on Sunday/early Monday. C’est la vie, I guess.

I kinda wanted to be the pink haired girl. Maybe we can switch back and forth? … No? … Fine, I’ll be the girl on the right. I hope you’re happy. No wonder we look so peeved at each other.

This week’s header image comes from PersonA (VNDB) in honor of the project’s update!

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  • ***Update on LovelyxCation***
    EldritchCherub posted the following on the Fuwanovel forums:

    Sorry about the lacks of news concerning the project. Our translator recently moved into a new apartment so he was deprived of internet for a few months because of that, he’ll get to work on his route pretty soon.

    Apart from myself the only other member that regularly frequents the IRC is the hacker. One of our leaders (Oystein) that was also in charge of the website but he hasn’t shown himself in months, and unfortunately there is no way to contact him about the website at this time. The other leader (Darkquake) is probably on a trip somewhere, but when he returns I’ll pester him about making a wordpress site so we can post updates there instead of relying on this thread.

    Other than that, just follow this thread and I’ll post more news whenever it becomes available. Thanks for your patience and support. As long as we’ve got a translator at our disposal I’ll make sure to keep pushing forward even it takes years to release a completed patch.

    Edit: In other news, I’ve recently edited Lovely x Cation The Animation – 01 and you can stream it for free here. Hopefully it can satiate your appetite just a bit for things to come.


  • RE: Subahibi: Whoa, Herkz is doing it! vvav is doing it! We’re actually going to get it this summer, aren’t we? I’ll point out that on 4chan the translator made a commitment to finish the translation by June 20th (also an important in-game day). It seems like the editor can make that goal, too.

    Also regarding Rewrite Harvest Fiesta, Ixrec said that the Shizuru route progress was a mistake, it seems like he hasn’t started on that route yet. Bummer.

    • You’re always so helpful. < 3 RE: Subahibi - It's definitely encouraging : ) RE: Rewrite Harvest Fiesta - I like Ixrec and should probably follow him more closely, come to think of it. Thanks for the clarification.

  • jusyt so you now, the intellectual brotherhood of kohaku translations started, seemingly unnoticed from majority, working on 2 secret projects. with brother shini-tan @5961 lines & brother blah @2284 lines already translated, they fight gloriously 4 the sake of western audience. rejoice followers!

    • Kohaku has been around for a while, they gave us the ShiniKiss translation and are very close to releasing a patch for the first Ley Line game. Blah’s 2284 lines are for the second Ley Line game, shini-tan’s secret project has been stagnant for a very long time, unfortunately.

  • Basic Translations updated their Koichoko progress today. 😀
    Translation: 397/397 files
    Editing: 390/397 files
    QC: 217/397 files
    Well it will be in the next weekly update anyway but still.. I’m following that project closely. Looking forward to Michiru’s rout!

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