Why I endorse JAST’s censorship of Shiny Days

JAST USA is censoring Shiny Days, but angry fans should think twice before lashing out at JAST. JAST promises a solution that should mollify most fans.

JAST’s failure to market Seinarukana as an RPG could doom English H-RPGs

Seinarukana is a visual novel style RPG from JAST USA with a lot of potential, but needs a Steam release and reviews on major RPG sites to reach fans.

Yumina the Ethereal: The first high-profile official H-RPG release in English…but will JAST drop the ball and forget to market it?

Background After 3 years in the making, JAST USA is finally ready to release Eternal-Will’s popular adult visual novel RPG Yumina the Ethereal. This will be the highest profile ecchi…

Why I won’t be buying If My Heart Had Wings

This is an opinion piece and represents the opinion of the author. It does not indicate one way or another the stance or policy of the Fuwanovel community. Background: MoeNovel…