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  • JAST has released a localization for Kana ~ Okaeri, a remake of Kana ~ Imouto featuring full voice acting and improved graphics. Kana Imouto was the first VN Tanaka Romeo (Yume Miru Kusuri, Cross+Channel) wrote...
  • This is more or less a copy of a post the user VNTS does on 4chan’s /jp/ board weekly listing VN translation project status (how unexpected), with minor commentary by yours truly.
  • Hey everybody, Today’s post is meant to explain and summarize the many changes — large and small — coming to Fuwanovel (in case you haven’t yet heard). I announced these several days ago on the forums, and early yesterday morning I posted an open-letter on Reddit confirming these changes and offering some additional context. You’re welcome to read both of […]
  • Hi everybody. We’ve got a lot of announcements to make this weekend (Zaka has foolishly reliquished control of the blog for today, and to his dismay I’m going to seriously ruin his one-post-a-day-and-absolutely-no-more,-am-I-making-myself-clear-Tay? policy) (< 3 Zaka), and we’re going to start it off by talking about our new Player Mentors Program. Here’s the short […]
  • Hi everybody, this is Tay. It’s been a busy few days. A lot of changes have occurred at Fuwanovel, and in the next day or two I will be posting an in-depth look into all the cool new and upcoming site features. This post is a little more specific: as was announced on the forums, Fuwanovel […]
  • The new theme settings are somewhat labyrinthine, and I’m experimenting with layouts in general at the moment. Sudden, strange changes may occur at any time for a while until I manage to stop running around like a headless chicken get it all under control. Or make someone else do it. Older posts will have formatting […]
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  • Lamento Upcoming Art
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    • Pure Pure - The Story of Ears and Tails
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