KimiNozo Planned for Summer 2024 English Release

In a recent interview, KimiNozo crowdfunding campaign project lead stated that they aim to release KimiNozo in English sometime in 2024

Review: Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue – What will you do for 500.000€?

Inescapable, a show set on an island with no rules and no means of escape. With 500,000€ up for grabs, will you aim to win or play it safe?

An Introduction to the Misunderstood World of AVNs

Do you think 3D VNs are all sex, no substance? Well, you'd be wrong! Follow us as we dive deep into this misunderstood world...

Untranslated Releases: November 2023

Here's the table for the untranslated releases of November 2023. Updates happen sporadically!

Demo Review: The Phantom of the Black Rose Revue — A Glimpse of Shoujo and Love

If you have been following our articles about the Spooktober Game Jam 2023 over the last few weeks, you could have already discovered a lot of games of different style…

Review: Sugar Sweet Temptation

Bake your way to these girls' hearts in this heartwarming story of romance and dreams!

The I-Factor: A Perspective on Intimacy with Characters in Visual Novels

Hello, everyone. This is Garrick, the guy who wrote that Ph.D. dissertation on visual novels—or as I like to call them, character intimacy games—that Fuwanovel posted about a while back.

More Vintage VN/RPG Hybrid Eroge Released in English!

More classic eroge have been released in English by fans today! Check out SHANGRLIA2 and Rance: Quest for Hikari by Alpharobo and BabaJeanmel!

The H-Factor: A Perspective on the Sex Scene

Today, we bring you a thinkpiece on H-content and its importance to the visual novel medium!