Otome Jam and Josei Jam 2023—Event Summary

Hosted by Akua Kourin and Crystal Game Works, this year's Otome Jam ran from May 1st to July 1st.

The Trans Representation Jam is here!

The Trans Representation Jam 2023 has started this June 23rd and is inviting any developer who is willing to join!

O2A2VN Jam Returns Again this Year!

This Jam consists on making micro stories up to 1K words and exploring all the assets available for you.

STEAM NEXT FEST 2023 is now Live!

From June 19th to the 26th, Steam’s Next Fest will bring many news, demos and lots of fun for all players! Next Fest is a week full of demos to…

The Yaoi Game Jam 2023 has Begun!

This year’s Yaoi Game Jam has started and has been running since June 15th. The Yaoi Game Jam is a two month long jam running from June 15th to August…

New Announcements made by Fruitbat Factory during Fruitbat Indirect Event

A few days ago the international publisher Fruitbat Factory held another of their Fruitbat Indirect events on Twitter, during which they announced a handful of updates for several different titles.…