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The Blind of the New World – Review | Through Your Eyes

I love a good sci-fi dystopia, so The Blind of the New World caught my eye. This original Korean language visual novel from TALESSHOP promises a romantic story set in a future with dystopian themes. It also explores interesting ideas about perception, reality, and connection. But does this story deliver? To find out we’ll have to brave the new world.

A World of Illusions

The Blind of the New World is set in a future where augmented reality pervades every aspect of life. People wear identical tracksuits and decorate them with holograms as we do virtual avatars. Buildings change their facades at the click of a button. Anything you could ever want to do, see, or know can be in front of your eyes in an instant, all in the form of holographic data.

Everyone is given optical implants at birth that allow them to interface with augmented reality. And from birth, augmented reality is used for everything: work, school, recreation, and even art. That is, for everyone except “the blind.” For reasons science doesn’t fully understand, a rare few are unable to see and interface with the ubiquitous holograms. In a sense, the blind see

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