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Gloom and Doom – Review

Calling all living and non-living individuals. Welcome to Gloom and Doom – a homage to 90’s slacker movies. Not exactly what most expect of a visual novel!


As far as visual novels go, it’s eye-catching to see one that strays from the anime aesthetic. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about that at all. It’s quite the contrary actually. Visual novels have the potential to be so much. By adapting history and themes, you can expand a genre that’s settled on a standard. Hopefully by doing so, it will bring attention to a variety in design and style when creating the story. Now, does this game hold its own weight or does it fall flat trying to stand out? Let’s see.


Our story begins on a daily job for Gloom. He’s an ancient wraith with kill orders given to him by an angel called Michael. Gloom’s objective is to complete enough requests so he can ascend to heaven. Despite having done this job for hundreds of years, Gloom has yet to see any results. We then get to meet some of Gloom’s friends. Mr. Yesterday is an old-looking man that‘s basically Gloom’s player 2. Then there’s

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