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Sade: A My Time with Dee Dee – Review

We are back on track today for one more entry into our beloved series, welcome to Sade: A My Time with Dee Dee story! We’ve covered every one of them so far and we are into this for the biggest and most ambitious project so far.

If you are a long-time follower of the site, you know I am the certified specialist to talk about these visual novels. This one has a twist on the premise compared to those before it. It focuses on the point of view of Marques de Sadê, a famous french libertarian writer who is known for vile and repulsive writing with the intention of making a commentary on society as a whole. It’s definitely the heaviest entry on the series so far.

Storytelling by Sadê

Our hero… Actually, let’s call him the protagonist of Sade: A My Time with Dee Dee. His name is Gideon. He’s the mayor’s child and someone who is inspired to follow in his footsteps and eventually overthrow him to build the city in his own image. 

Gideon isn’t a good person. The evidence is scattered throughout the whole game such as comments about how

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