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Perverse Incentives – Review | Eroge and Stock Trading

The premise of Perverse Incentives, has the protagonist finds himself stranded on a world infected with a virus that prevents almost all male births. One where the value of his semen catapults him from poverty into the planet’s top income bracket; It struck me as a setup for a zany porn comedy. Something like The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me, which builds a lighthearted story around a concept not meant to be taken seriously. The pitch sounded weird, but normal-weird, the sort of thing I’d expect to see someone build an offbeat eroge around.

Perverse Incentives is not normal-weird. It’s thoroughbred weird. It’s not a game you’d expect to see from a professional studio, in style or in content. But then it’s also not a game you’d expect to see from a small-time indie developer either. It plays heavily with readers’ expectations- even its real genre is a spoiler- but there’s a lot more to it than just subversion of expectations.

It’s also not a game everyone will want to play. If you are hoping for a lighthearted porn comedy, Perverse Incentives is definitely not going to scratch that itch. This is certainly an

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