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Aquadine – Review

Our game today is Aquadine; a visual novel developed and produced by SoftColors for PCAquadine feels very fitting for someone like me. I’ve already done reviews on visual novels focused on air-sports twice now. One was also based on the wonders of winter. So, it’s only fair we now get one that concentrates on the water aspect. At first sight, Aquadine seems interesting. The character lives in a beach city and is pretty near the water. Over time, this has turned into a therapeutic aspect of the city and hearing the sound of the waves calms me down. Let’s stop chit-chatting though and row our oar onwards as we take a journey!


The story takes place in the town of Aquadine, a city full of cultural references to mermaids and ancient civilization. This city was lost to history after their godly protector left the humans due to discrimination. Honoring those Gods still, the city has built a water canal system, leading to situations like gondoliers – those who steer the gondola and normally act as a tour guide – to be of moderate importance. Our main character is Robin, a

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