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Review: Notch – The Innocent LunA: Eclipsed SinnerS

Notch is a convoluted tale of love, death, and betrayal that has an interesting story to tell. Unfortunately this story is badly delivered and tries to be too complex for its own good, resulting in a disjointed mess of a visual novel.

Notch – The Innocent Luna was probably the worst visual novel I played in 2015, for a multitude of reasons.

The translation into English from Chinese is grammatically sound, however it’s extremely stilted, and tonally I can’t help but feel like it’s completely missed the mark. Not being able to understand Chinese, I wasn’t able to compare the original to the translation, so I don’t know if this was is a problem with the translation or the original text.

What is obvious in any language is that the story is all over the place. There is no introduction to the setting whatsoever, so that when concepts and characters are introduced later along the line they seem disconnected from anything that went previously.

The protagonist himself acts in completely unbelievable and implausible ways.  At the beginning he has a family, but they are conveniently forgotten almost immediately. He’s happy to walk for miles through the forest, sleep…

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