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[Video Game/Visual Novel Review]: Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius

Developer – Love in Space

Publisher – Love in Space & Sekai Project

Length – 10-30 Hours

Next up on the OELVN review list is the Sunrider series. This first instalment is free to play on Steam or by direct download and there is an additional slice of life spin-off available also. Sunrider tries to balance visual novel storytelling with tactics gameplay and for the most part it does it well.  I really enjoyed some parts of the story and appreciated the depth of the battle system. In the end, however, while Sunrider does provide an enjoyable experience it doesn’t manage to pull ahead of the OELVN pack.

The Sunrider: A spacefaring vessel so advanced its crew required a completely novel course of training. It is the pride of the independent planet Cera, located in the Neutral Rim, and Kayto Shields has been selected as its Captain. During the ship’s first flight test, however, Cera is attacked by the galactic superpower PACT. The People’s Alliance for Common Treatment has been conquering neutral worlds one by one, and before the Sunrider can react Cera’s capital and millions of its citizens have been decimated. With no hope of surviving the PACT onslaught,…

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