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Together We Live by Water Phoenix now in English!

On December 21st of this year, Together We Live (Issho ni Ikimashou Ikimashou Ikimashou in Japan) received an official English translation patch for the Steam version, which was published by Kemco Corporation.

Originally released in November 2015 by Water Phoenix, Together We Live is a kinetic VN about a girl named Asagiri, who to atone for the sins of humanity, dies again, and again, and again. Since then, the visual novel has been ported to the PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch in Japan as well. The December 21st release features an updated version of the game with price changes, additional Simplified Chinese and English options, improved visuals, and a title and publisher change.

You can get the visual novel on Steam for only $9.99.


Together We Live

She takes a few steps―― again, she’s crushed along with a scream. Death. For some time now, this process has repeated.

Waking up in an unknown room, Kyouya finds that he cannot move his body. Calling for help but receiving no response, he spends months, years, unable to do a thing; when a girl that calls herself ‘human’ appears. Begging the girl to take him outside, Kyouya finds naught but a desolated world left behind. Before the dumbfounded Kyouya, the girl called ‘human’ says:

“On this Earth, other than I… and you, no humans remain.”

All the plants and fauna have perished too, she says.

Unable to accept the words of the ‘human’ who has embarked on a certain mission, Kyouya is carried away by her.

So begins the endless journey of Kyouya and the girl called ‘human’.



Water Phoenix website

Together We Live Steam page

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