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Is it Possible…? – Saikey Studios Releases Can I Impregnate Myself with Another man’s Semen…?

On December 22nd Saikey Studios released a brand-new uncensored translation patch for the 2014 Atelier Sakura game known as “Shin Hoka no Otoko no Seieki de Harande mo Ii Desu ka…? Uwaki H ga Amari ni Kimochi Yokute Sounyuu Sareta Dake de Sugu ni Icchau Katabutsu Joshikousei.”

Luckily, they shortened the title to simply “Can I impregnate myself with another man’s semen…?

The game features a scenario from Onborozuki and art from Nagayori.

You can grab the patch on Saikey’s Patreon while the game can be purchased on DLsite!

The synopsis from Getchu is as follows:

“Your sex techniques are like a child’s”. Hearing those words from my beloved crushed my heart.

Her habits when we cuddle in the nude, her blowjob skill, the way she shakes her hips while in cowgirl position, and her deep kissing manner… All of those weren’t the ones I’ve known.

“Even if you commit a mistake with another man, my love for you will never change.” That was my love for her, and my resolve. At that time, I still believed that we can start over and never doubted it even for a moment.

However, after that my heart was smashed to pieces.

I wonder why I opened the Pandora’s Box, that is, why did I ask her to tell me the kind of sex she had with another man, even though me knowing it wouldn’t have changed anything at all…


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