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SciADV Fan Group NS2C Translates CHAOS;CHILD: The Wrong-Sider Memoirs

Chaos;Child fans, rejoice! NS2C, a Science Adventure series side material fan translation group, has released their translation of Sanda Fujii’s CHAOS;CHILD: The Wrong-Sider Memoirs. This release comes just two months after NS2C’s previous release of ROBOTICS;NOTES: The Home of Our Dreams.

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The Wrong-Sider Memoirs is one of CHAOS;CHILD‘s two important side material light novels and originally released on December 10th 2015—just a year after the original game. It follows the main story of CHAOS;CHILD, but told from the perspectives of Kurusu Nono and all the NewGen murder victims. NS2C kindly gave me, Sharingan123412, the wonderful opportunity to serve as a beta reader for their translation. I can attest to its superb localization quality. Furthermore, I can also assure you that the novel serves as a fantastic complement to the original game. The Wrong-Sider Memoirs provides exceptional characterization and substantial lore additions to the series. For those of you who have played through CHAOS;HEAD NOAH, The Wrong-Sider Memoirs is effectively a Crying Sky route equivalent for CHAOS;CHILD.

After this, the only major piece of untranslated CHAOS;CHILD side material left is its side visual novel, CHAOS;CHILD: Love Chu Chu. SciADVs most prolific fan translation group The Committee of Zero is currently working on a fan PC/Switch port and fan translation for the game.

NS2C also announced their translation for Chaos;Child: Children’s Revive, which is the other of the two important Chaos;Child side novels. Two English translations already exist — one of which is by Teaser Translations and the other of which is by George Henry Shaft. However, both existing fan translations have been rather poorly received. NS2C’s translation promises to be significantly more representative of the content and quality of the original text. 

Children’s Revive remains a standout fan favourite piece of side material. In the past, fans had even lobbied to J-Novel Club in an attempt to get it translated officially, before being turned down. With the upcoming fan translations, CHAOS;CHILD fans have much to look forward to.

CHAOS;CHILD is the fourth main entry in MAGES. and Chiyomaru Studio’s Science Adventure series. It serves as the thematic sequel to CHAOS;HEAD NOAH, the first main entry in the series. The story of CHAOS;CHILD follows Miyashiro Takuru, self-proclaimed “Right-Sider” and president of the Hekiho Academy Newspaper Club, as he investigates the return of the NewGen serial murders from six years prior. The game is currently available in English on Steam, GOG, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.


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