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NS2C Translates ROBOTICS;NOTES Epilogue Drama CD

NS2C released a translation video of The Home of Our Dreams on September 2nd at 7 pm UTC. The Home of Our Dreams is a drama CD that serves as an epilogue to ROBOTICS;NOTES and a prequel to ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH. It follows the lives of the Robotics Club members after the end of their climactic final battle. The drama CD was originally released alongside the ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE & ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH value pack in Japan back on January 31, 2019.

A common criticism of ROBOTICS;NOTES is that it ends too abruptly and thus could have used an epilogue. This drama CD addresses that criticism pretty neatly. It’s truly a wonderful piece of side material to experience after finishing the original ROBOTICS;NOTES. The Home of Our Dreams provides a stellar conclusion to the character arcs of both main leads, Kaito Yashio and Akiho Senomiya.

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NS2C is a fan translation group for side material for the Science Adventure series. Thus far, they have released their translations for one visual novel, five manga, seven novellas, and two drama CDs. Within the ROBOTICS;NOTES sub-series, they previously translated ROBOTICS;NOTES: Side Phase, ROBOTICS;NOTES: Next Baton, and the ROBOTICS;NOTES Christmas side story. They have various other unannounced translation projects in the pipeline.

Other fan translation groups for the Science Adventure series include the Committee of Zero, which focuses on patches for the franchise’s visual novels, as well as Arc-Relight, which focuses on side material just like NS2C.

Translation staff for The Home of Our Dreams

The Science Adventure series is a sci-fi multimedia franchise created by MAGES. and owned by Chiyomaru Studio. ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE is the franchise’s third main entry. The story follows Chuo Tanegashima High’s Robotics Research Club as they attempt to build a giant robot against all odds. In the shadows, however, a global-scale conspiracy builds around the mysterious “Kimijima Reports”.

ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE and its fandisk, ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH are available for purchase on Steam, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

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4 months ago

Robotics;Notes definitely could’ve done with a more fleshed out ending. It’s nice that NS2C got around to TL-ing this