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Another Vtuber Story!—Mystery Lover – Nonexistent Summer

On October 31st, Cyberisle released their debut Mystery Lover – Nonexistent Summer for the Nintendo Switch. You can buy it for $9.99—currently on sale for $8.99 until the 10th November.

The game is also available on Steam; however, it’s exclusively in Chinese (simplified).


“Everyone has the right to determine who they are.”

Reed as a member of the Mysteria Club, and his girlfriend, Persephone, investigate the rumors of the “VTuber Disappearance Incident”. What are waiting for them?

Story Synopsis:

Reed, a mediocre student at Apple Lake, finally gets his luck back when he moves up to the next grade.
First, his “”sister”” Layna drags him into the Mysteria Club.
Then, his “”almighty”” best friend, Charles, helps him out.
Finally, after being single for more than ten years, he accidentally gets a girlfriend, the lovely and independent Persephone, and their relationship heats up rapidly in just a few months.

However, Reed’s perfect life is overshadowed by an inconsequential investigation.
When Layna tells the urban legend of the “”Vtuber Disappearance Incident””,Reed routinely thinks it’s just another fake news.
He and Persephone quickly pinpoint the rumored location – No. 33 Layman Street.
They bravely entered the building, intending to find out the truth of the incident.
However, in addition to the lies and falsehoods, there are other hidden existences in this dilapidated building.

Nintendo Store


  • Beautifully illustrated CG, full Chinese voice-over.
  • Change the direction of the story through the cell phone chat system, also has a record of various trivia of the Tips system
  • Vtuber Yumeno Hitomi, a Live2d figure made by renowned artist 莲Ki, tells stories of strange tales.
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