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A Canadian Indie Festival—The Hand Eye Society is celebrating the SuperFESTival 2023

The Hand Eye Society participated in the Fuwanovel Advertisement Program for the duration of their event week. Thanks for cooperating with Fuwanovel.

From the 20th to the 26th of November, the Canada-based non-profit collective The Hand Eye Society celebrated their SuperFESTival 2023 – a digital free-to-visit festival, celebrating the indie game community and The Hand Eye Society’s history of public programming. During those seven days, they held talks, panels, and programs – interspersed with several pre-recorded game trailer reels to showcase narrative games, visual novels, and other indie games.

Additionally, there was an evolving Unity 3D game to interact with, accessible under “SuperFEST Game”.

All the live streams and panels can be watched on the Hand Eye Society’s Twitch channel – with all VODs being saved for later consumption.

The VODs for SuperFESTival 2022 (which only consisted of two days) are also still available for consumption.

About The Hand Eye Society

The landing page of the SuperFESTival

Founded in 2009, it is one of the first videogame arts organizations of its kind in the world. Super FESTival uses our online FEST web platform to celebrate not only the Hand Eye Society’s accomplishments but the game community at large and how far we’ve come over the past decade, perserving through industry shakeups, pandemics, and cultural shifts. We hope you’ll celebrate with us and join us for many more years of programming.

The Hand Eye Society About Page

Participating Visual Novels

When navigating to the exhibitors tab, we will find 53 participating games, all of which with their own overview page and linked socials for people interested. The most interesting part of this section is the included developer interview for each of them!

Game TitleDeveloper/PublisherWhere to purchase?
A Heart of ButterblueHeiden Itch
Dropped ConnectionMoleworksItch
Amarantusub4qItch, Steam
Slay the PrincessBlack Tabby GamesSteam
StillwaterStudio ClumpItch, Steam
Nameless – The Departed CycleFiendish FictionItch, Steam
J-Town: A Visual NovelStar TownSteam
Civic StoryShining Spark EntertainmentItch, Steam
Under the Visual Novel category there are these 8 titles listed

Event Schedule

Thematically Relevant Talks

During the event, there have been loads of interesting talks, but not all of them directly relate to Visual Novels in particular. Among all the talks and panels, we picked out the following that you might enjoy.

*The interspersed Showcases on different days always show the same content.


  • 6:30 PANEL – Indiepocalypse: Indie Game Small Press and Anthology Roundtable (VOD)
  • 7:30pm Visual Novel Game Showcase
  • 7:45pm LIVE TALK Alfe Clemencio: Making Story Choices Matter, Fair, and Scaleable (VOD)


  • 7:30pm Taylor McCue: Learn How To Make Bundles! (VOD)


  • 6:15pm Visual Novel Game Showcase
  • 6:30pm WORKSHOP – Geoffrey Golden: Visual Novels for Web (VOD)
  • 7:30pm WORKSHOP – Julia Minamata: An Introduction to Adventure Game Studio (VOD)


  • 6:30pm TALK – Shawn Alexander Allen: What Indie Games Can Learn from Indie Rap (VOD)
  • 8:45pm Visual Novel Games Showcase


  • 6:30pm TALK – Amyr Said: Video Games as a Medium for Change (VOD)


  • 1:30pm WORKSHOP – Ludipe: Designing Puzzle Games 101 (VOD)
  • 2:45pm TALK – Anzal Faron: Using serious topics to design fun games (VOD)
  • 4:00 TALK – Tigran Bleyan: Stopping to Start Understanding (VOD)


  • 2:45pm WORKSHOP – Charlotte Pang – Cute, Quick and Easy 2DAnim. in GOOGLE SLIDES?! (VOD)
  • 3:45pm Visual Novel Games Showcase
  • 4:00pm TALK – littlerat: How To Make And Finish A Little Game When Everything Is Hard (VOD)

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