Review: True Colours—What Lies Beneath the Facade

True Colours (British English spelling of Colors) is a romance visual novel with psychological-horror elements released by indie developer Borealis, who previously released Venus: Improbable Dream in 2021. It features…

A Canadian Indie Festival—The Hand Eye Society is celebrating the SuperFESTival 2023

From the 20th to the 26th of November, the Canada-based non-profit collective The Hand Eye Society celebrated their SuperFESTival 2023 – a digital free-to-visit festival, celebrating the indie game community…

New Monster Girl Hentai RPG Surpasses Funding Goal by Magnitudes—Mana Quest

The Monster GIrl H-RPG Mana Quest is going into its last kickstarter day! It could break triples its initial goal already.

A horror… farm sim?! — A Heart of Butterblue now on Steam

Travel to Edgeville and uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of Phebe's grandfather and the monsters that appear at night!

Stardander School for Witches by Fancy Fish Games Now in Early Access!

On the October 2nd 2023 the Connecticut-based indie development studio Fancy Fish Games has released its newest title Stardander School for Witches on Steam into Early Access, and it can…

When AI Assistants go Rogue – Lamprey, by Cross Couloir!

On September 17th, the Canadian indie solo developer Cross Couloir released their second title Lamprey. It’s a short indie visual novel with a charming pixel-artstyle made with Aseprity and programmed…

Shinzou Translations releases Fan Translation of Quantize’s Rabbit Heart

After Alexeir already teased it on our server, Shinzou Translations has released another game by doujin circle ->Quantize_ with an English and Spanish translation. This game is Rabbit Heart and…

A VN Dev Collective! — Project Yominokuni now under Weltschmerz:Collective

A new collective for VN dev is here! What will this bring?

Lake of Reflection Released Last Week

On July 13th, the indie development team Tuff Mallow Interactive released their debut game Lake of Reflection (鏡の湖) for free on

Lila Love Releases Full Version of Nuts: A Dark Romance Game

On the 30th of June 2023, the indie developer Lila Love and her team released the full version of Nuts: A Dark Romance Game on The game is completely…