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Under OldNoEyes’ Gaze!—Black Heaven: A Necromantic Dating Sim is now available on Steam

On October 20th, 2023, Black Heaven: A Necromantic Dating Sim, a mystery/horror dating sim was released on Steam by Occult Triangle Lab at a cost of $9.99.
An Itch version of the game will also follow in the future, despite OldNoEyes, the developer, currently focusing on Steam only*.

*Black Heaven: A Necromantic Dating Sim is denied access on Steam in Germany and China (like many other games) so just wait for the Itch version to be released.

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Inspired by Bloodborne and Doki Doki Literature Club, Black Heaven is an 18+ dark fantasy/psychological horror dating simulator inspired by the ‘hungry ghost’ of Buddhist mythology.

In Black Heaven: A Necromantic Dating Sim, you’re a former scholar and one of the last survivors of a plague that’s destroyed the world you used to know.

After nearly succumbing to the disease, your life is saved by a mysterious necromancer named No-Eyes, who offers you the chance to escape death forever and relive your past. All he asks are the souls of your former classmates:

- Ru, your shy but brilliant tutor

- Lyse, the fiery, sharp-witted debutante

- Izagi, the idealistic and stoic martial artist

As you return to the ruined academy where you spent your happiest days, you’re haunted by the pleasant memories of your old friends, and the line between memory and madness becomes dangerously blurred...
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Black Heaven: A Necromantic Dating Sim was originally funded on Kickstarter on May 30, 2021 and the roots of the game go even deeper in time with the basic concept.

The game was funded with a result of 329% ($13,506) on Kickstarter and the keys have been already given to the backers by June 2023 to play before the official release. We have also received their keys recently and are now ready to explore Black Heaven!

For more information check out the blog of Occult Triangle Team there you can read a lot of nice facts about Black Heaven as well as their twitt….i mean X-site. You may also follow the team behind the game:


Direction: Chris Mahon (OldNoEyes)
Character Art: Linnea Kataja
Background Art: Lim Chin Yang
Music: Marek Domagala, LazerWülf, The Embalmer
GUI: BaiYu
NSFW Artwork: Motto

We are planning a few content pieces with this title so stay tuned to see more nice things about this dark world to step into.

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