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My Slow Life with the Princess Knight and her Devoted Handmaiden Soon on Steam!

Shiravune strikes again with new announcement. This time, they announce a nukige visual novel from Waffle, My Slow Life with the Princess Knight and Her Devoted Handmaiden.

The game will be available in English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.
It is scheduled to release in Winter 2023 on Steam and Johren (for all the uncensored content!)

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This game is a nukige from Waffle. Its trial released on July 9th 2021. On July 30th 2021, the game released as Download Edition, Physical Edition, and Download Card Edition. By March 4th 2022, the game got ported to Android. After Ningen Fushin no Renkinjutsushi to Moto Heishi no Homunculus as same series, out on September 30th 2022, they followed up with a Limited Set that contained both of them.

The scenario was done by Morry, known from notable works such as MeltyMoment (currently in translation by NekoNyan), Making * Lovers (already translated by NekoNyan), Sugar * Style (already translated by NekoNyan). The art of this game done by Masami Chie, his notable work being Ningen Fushin no Renkinjutsushi to Moto Heishi no Homunculus.

Waffle is a visual novel developer and publisher that initially part of Senki Co., Ltd., later became part of Oototsu. They started to market their games on June 4th 1999 with their first game Taisen Mahjong Yarujan.

After releasing new visual novels year by year, they are now known mostly for their nukige. They made several nukige series such as Tokudoku Series, Shirudaku Settai, and Funbag Fantasy series.

Funbag Fantasy gained popularity after MangaGamer translated it on 2016. The same applies to follow-up titles like Funbag Fantasy Gaiden (2018), Funbag Fantasy 2 (2019), Funbag Fantasy Gaiden 2 (2020), Funbag Fantasy 3 if (2021), and Funbag Fantasy 4 -Brother Astor- (which still in translation). Waffle doesn’t only work with MangaGamer however, since Shiravune also managed to publish some of their titles in past and present, such as the elusive Eden’s Ritter series.

Waffle also works with some H-anime producers, so most of their titles get adapted into animation format. Presently, they adapted titles such as Funbag Fantasy, Maki-chan to Now., Tsugou no Yoi Sexfriend?, Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare, and Mankitsu Happening.

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Garland used to be a formidable adventurer.
However, that was back before he was betrayed by his fellows on a quest that left him seriously wounded. Lucky enough to make it out with his life but unluckily without family or relatives, he is in no shape to look after himself due to his injuries. What he does have left is his adventurer’s spirit, which fuels his hopes to make a full recovery and head out to face the world again.

In the meantime, what he needs is someone to take care of him...
But having been deceived by a band he thought he trusted, and now being grievously wounded, what he’s shortest on is faith in anyone else. Complicating the situation even further, word of the fortune Garland acquired through his personal disaster has spread far enough that everyone he meets seems to be after his money. If he had his health he might have little to fear, but as the situation stands, he needs help that he can rely on. At the moment, Garland needs assistance to survive.

As he mulls over what to do, the news reaches his ears that his homeland has captured a certain smaller nation. He also happens to see in passing some citizens from that fallen nation, perhaps captured during the takeover, being transported to be sold off as indentured servants. As an adventurer who believes in freedom, Garland doesn’t like the idea, but with such unfortunates trust is optional: magic makes them obedient.

After much consideration and lacking other options, he makes the decision to get the help he needs—whatever it costs.



Quotes are translated from Getchu


An adventurer who is seeking to return.

The protagonist of this story. He comes from a nameless village, and after the death of his parents, he comes to the city to become an adventurer. He has an aptitude for adventuring, and steadily improves his skills, becoming a mid-level adventurer at a young age.

He is invited to go on a quest by a senior he trusts, but when he finds himself in a tight spot, he is used as bait and badly injured.

He can no longer trust people and decides to return to the home he built in the woods, however he knows he can’t live by himself due to his injuries. As a compromise, he decides to buy a slave who can help him with his daily life.

VA: Kashiwagi Aika

A XX princess knight who becomes to a princess in a ruined country after the betrayal.

She is the first princess of the exiled Kingdom of Pixenzax. She is nicknamed “Ellie” by her family and close friends.

A tomboyish princess with a strong will, perhaps due to her original temperament. She was a talented swordswoman and highly popular, so she worked as a princess knight.

After the betrayal of her betrayer, her country falls into ruin, and she is taken captive and sold to a slave trader. When she undergoes a physical examination at the slave trader, her mark (bruise), which is only found on royalty, is confirmed, and she is treated as a high-class slave.

Then, Garland visits the store to buy a slave, leading to their fateful encounter.

VA: Ayukawa Miina

A maid that serves the princess.

A maid of honor in the service of Eleanor.

She loves Eleanor as if she were her younger sister. As a maidservant, she is good at housework, but not so good at hard labor.

She and Eleanor are taken captive and sold to a slave trader. In the slave trade, she is treated as a valuable slave thanks to her good looks and her skills as a former maid.

When Garland came to buy her, she noticed that he seemed to be a good person and that he had money. She told the dealer that he could make money by having Garland buy her and Ellie as a set, and succeeded in getting Garland to buy them.

She has a certain amount of trust in Garland because of his personality.

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