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ANONYMOUS;CODE is out now!

Spike Chunsoft’s localization for MAGES.’s and Chiyomaru Studio’s ANONYMOUS;CODE has now been released on Steam with 10% off at launch week; PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch for $59.99! It is being published physically by Numskull Games in Europe. The launch edition, for pre-orders and Day One copies, comes with exclusive Steelbook cover art.

Meanwhile, the digital deluxe edition ($79.99, with 10% off at launch) includes the interactive guidebook titled A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO EARTH SIMULATOR as well as the game’s full soundtrack. On console, both of these features are implemented via separate apps.

In addition, they have also released a Day 1 patch. Across all platforms, this patch addresses minor text and voice adjustment fixes as well as a game crash fix for an issue with the hacking trigger in chapter 5. For the PlayStation 4 version, this patch also increases the in-game audio volume for the two prologue movies. And for the Nintendo Switch version, this Day 1 patch addresses a bug where you weren’t able to scroll through the TIPS if you were playing with a single joycon.

You can check out our full review for the game here!

Overall, we can say that it is the ultimate reward to any long-time fan of the Science Adventure franchise and also a phenomenal spiritual successor to the STEINS;GATE sub-series. The localization and port quality are stellar too. In fact, this release marks the first time that a game in the Science Adventure series has received a full English dub — a fantastic one at that.

ANONYMOUS;CODE is the sixth main entry in the Science Adventure series — a highly interconnected sci-fi visual novel franchise. The first five main entries are CHAOS;HEAD, STEINS;GATE, ROBOTICS;NOTES, CHAOS;CHILD, and OCCULTIC;NINE. The stories have their own unique casts and somewhat self-contained plotlines. However, each entry builds upon its predecessors to make an overarching storyline.

The story of ANONYMOUS;CODE takes place in late 2037, a year after the Sad Morning disaster wherein a worldwide Network Time Protocol error caused multiple military satellites to rain fire down upon the planet and kill 120 million people. In the aftermath of this devastation, the game follows Pollon, a 16 year-old hacker eager to make a name for himself. Upon meeting a mysterious girl on the run from soldiers, he finds himself entangled in an unsettling sequence of events that will change the whole world.

What are you waiting for?
Close the LOOP – Hack into GOD.

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7 months ago

Is there any news if Committee of Zero going to release a patch for this?

Reply to  You-kun
7 months ago

They will. If you want to know anything about Co0 related updates, just talk to Enorovan on our discord. ( He’s a Co0 member.

But this time their patch will just add some images that weren’t fully translated and some bugfixes. Impressive that Spike got such a clean release out!